In one of the grocery stores in the suburbs of the Australian city Adelaide has repeated history 2018 on the shelves were found packages of strawberries and avocados, Packed with metal spikes.

according to from 27 June to 1 July in the local police Department received three complaints. Visitors to the store Woolworths were found in strawberries and avocados needles, and the bread – pushpin.

Police believe that the dangerous objects were placed in the products on purpose. Currently, the investigation of the incident.

Recall that in the fall of 2018, the Australian police initiated the investigation after a series of cases of detection of sewing needles in the strawberry to seven manufacturers. Later metal objects were found also in bananas, mangoes and pears. In all there were over 100 such cases in six States of Australia. Failed to avoid contact with dangerous strawberry outside the country – in November of the same year, loaded with eagle berry came to New Zealand, it was discovered by a resident of Geraldine on the South island.

Then the Prime suspect in the deliberate adulteration of food became 50-the summer employee of one of the farms growing berries. The court held that so dissatisfied with the working conditions, the woman decided to take revenge on her employer.

After these incidents shook the country, the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison said he intends to toughen the punishment for criminals, puts the needle in berries and fruit, to 15 years in prison. According to Sky News Australia, this initiative has already received the approval of the Senate.