the Clinical trials of another vaccine against the coronavirus will begin in August, Federal scientific center for research and development of immunological products to them. M. P. Chumakov, Russian Academy of Sciences. This was the General Director of the center Chumakov, corresponding member of RAS Aydar Ishmukhametov TASS news Agency.

the Center is named Chumakov plans to begin trials of a vaccine against COVID-19 at the end of next month. They will extend until January 2021, all of them will involve 100 volunteers.

As explained in the very Center, a drug developed according to the technology, close to the Russian first inactivated polio vaccine, which has proved itself as the most safe and effective in the prevention of viral infections. It uses artificial or weakened and thus unable to cause disease or already dead viruses are inactivated.

“From our point of view, the work of such a vaccine is correct, first, because there is no evidence as which parts of the virus to use correctly, and secondly, the technology for creating vaccines consist of whole have long been developed and successfully used for decades,” – the words of head of the Center Aidar Ishmukhametova. However, he said that is not correct hasty decisions on vaccine development. “Before the vaccine to market, it must be thoroughly studied,” he concluded.

All currently developed and tested 26 Russian vaccines.