On Mount Denali in Alaska and consequences of climate change particularly disgusting: the glaciers melt, tons are transported to mountain climbers-feces to the surface. On the 6190 meters highest mountain in North America’s inhumane weather conditions: Gale-force winds, low temperatures. Climbers who want to climb Mount Denali, you need to spend sometimes very long in the various Camps. In this case, a correspondingly large amount of human excreta is formed, of course.

The glaciologists Michael Loso by the National Park Service has this Problem for years, as the US news page “usatoday.com” reported. According to him, people leave the Denali in the season from April to July annually, a feces-mountain of two tons. Since the seventies, Losos, were calculated to be 66 tons!

the Threat of pollution of waters

The Glaciologist observed a disturbing phenomenon: The melting glaciers carry the excrement down the valley, where they thaw slowly and in a stinking feces-mud turn. This is not only extremely disgusting, but also potentially dangerous: Even for years, frozen E-Coli bacteria may be according to Loso and his Team active again. The excrement velvet bacteria threaten to pollute the rivers and streams of the Region.

Each year, about 1200 climbers attempt the Mount Denali to climb. The National Park Service has introduced last year a rule that all up to an altitude of 4300 meters produced excrement must be down the mountain worn. The mountain guide companies, which will accompany the tourists during their expeditions, began this year to volunteer in order to pack all of the feces and dispose of in the valley properly. (noo)