In Africa cheaper Daughter Shukshina made there liposuction

Friendly family Sukhinah difficult to call. Every man for himself and everyone is ready to accuse others of excessive greed.

One of the daughters Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina quite a long time lived in Egypt. There she rented a house and opened a small clothing store, says StarHit.

However, in the last year, Olga lives in Moscow, according to her mother first called her and spoke about reconciliation.

Before returning Olga turned to a plastic surgeon – she wanted to get rid of excess weight. According to her, the operation it cost two thousand dollars – it is twice cheaper, than in Moscow.

Olga settled in my mom’s apartment. This point was criticized by Bari Alibasov.

“Everything is obvious, she wants to seize all that is possible, while mom is still here,” he says.

Olga did not remain in debt.

“I don’t believe in marriage mom and Alibasov, I think its bogus,” said the woman.

It is reported that sister Mary Olga is also no friendship. Sisters rarely talk to each other.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Bari Alibasov will not be able to claim the intellectual heritage of the writer Vasily Shukshin. “I signed just before the quarantine paper on which all possible rights I give Masha Shukshina. Did it order that all calmed down, he said.