Motorists continue to have to pay a lot of money for petrol and diesel. Although the tank discount has lowered prices, prices of over two euros per liter are not uncommon in many places. FOCUS Online tells you how to refuel cheaper now.

The tank discount has been valid since June 1st. If you drive to fill up, you save around 35 cents per liter on petrol and almost 17 cents per liter on diesel. Filling up once with 45 liters of diesel brings savings of 7.65 euros on the regular price and for those who fill up with petrol 15.75 euros.

The tank discount will be noticeable in stages. The challenge lies in the fact that petrol station operators will only be able to order much cheaper fuel from June 1st. Because motorists are waiting for the discount and have been filling up less petrol and diesel since mid-May, petrol station operators have ordered less diesel and petrol.

Because the demand has increased as of June 1st, but there is not enough injection molding, there could be an isolated and short-term bottleneck. This automatically leads to rising prices – and could thus reduce the tank discount.

The tank discount is part of the federal government’s multi-billion dollar relief package. You can benefit from these measures.

Compare fuel prices in your area. Apps that you install on your smartphone can help. Well-known providers are ADAC, Mehr Tanken, Clever Tanken or Bertha. Google Maps also lists the current fuel prices for many German cities.

As a rule, drive in the evening between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. to fill up. Especially on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday you can save a lot of money at the pump. It is most expensive at the German petrol pumps on the weekends. Gas station operators also call for high fuel prices in the morning and at night.

If you have to travel long distances, avoid motorway service stations and use exits into surrounding small towns. Ideally, this results in savings of up to 8 cents per liter.

HEM filling stations cooperate with the Clever-Tanken-App and offer a “low price guarantee”. If motorists find a cheaper petrol station from another provider nearby, they always pay the lowest price per liter for diesel and petrol.

At every Agip filling station, ADAC drivers thank you for one cent per liter cheaper. After refueling, simply show your membership card at the checkout and save.

Customers can collect points at Aral and Esso. Aral has Payback points and Esso Germany Card points. After a certain number of points, credit coupons can be issued that drivers can use when filling up.

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