In a pandemic coronavirus Russian football will save the business support

in a pandemic coronavirus russian football will save the business support 1 in a pandemic coronavirus russian football will save the business support 2
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the New coronavirus has put football on pause throughout the world, except Belarus. More recently, fans have been waiting for spectacular matches, the bookies took bets, the clubs have signed sponsorship contracts. Today national Championships suspended, postponed for an unknown period of time the finals of the Champions League and Europa League. “Euro-2020” has become “Euro-2021”. Stadium real Madrid became the warehouse of medical equipment and the legendary “Maracana” – the field hospital.

the Players went to the quarantine. Stop the training process and competition leads to enormous losses of all clubs. The Bundesliga has estimated the losses from unplayed matches to 770 million euros – as many of its members would have earned in TV rights, sponsors, ticket sales and merchandise. According to some analysts, the English Premier League will lose 100 million pounds per month of downtime.

in Russia the next year, football clubs have to literally survive. To make ends meet will help club owners. And it’s not always state-owned companies, for which the support of the national sport has become a mandatory exercise.

In our country, private business and individual entrepreneurs are passionate about the game, began to engage in the financing of football clubs a few years ago. The most telling example is Sergey Galitsky, who created the FC “Krasnodar” (now owns 67% of the club). The founder of the “Magnet”, he in childhood dreamed of a football career was engaged in school sports and rooting for ycue “Spartacus”, but then trained as a financier and preferred business. However, the dream of the sport is not broke – was able to implement it in 2008 when he founded the “Krasnodar”. The football club has loudly declared itself, and in 2011 played in the Premier League. This was facilitated by the fact that Galician has created a football Academy in Krasnodar – the club smithy, investing in children’s sports for about $ 60 million. At least another 20 billion roubles, the businessman has spent on the construction of training base and the club’s stadium, which the team called Galizien. Galitsky admitted that this project will never pay off, and “Krasnodar” it was created as a permanent incentive for making money.

After 2018, when Galitsky sold his share in “the Magnet” VTB, to do it harder. However, the 32-th issue of Forbes cope. The fortune is estimated at $ 3.5 billion. Part of his Galician intends to spend on the development of Krasnodar – the city and the club.

Main shareholder and Vice-President of JSC “LUKOIL” Leonid Fedun has spent on the development of Russian football, more than $ 2 billion. In 2003 became the owner of the Moscow “Spartak”. Then, in recognition of the new owner, it was “a Scion of an ancient noble family with big financial problems.” In other words, almost bankrupt. After that, the club had a modern stadium, Academy, training base. According to Fedun, Spartak almost broke even, but this was prevented by the crises of 2008 and 2014, the ruble depreciated. Football has become increasingly expensive, and making the intention to help Fedun financing business, for example, Pyotr Aven, who promised to buy half of “Spartacus”, and has not entered the game.

In an extensive interview to “the Championship” in 2019, the owner of the team red-white announced that he was going to make the club a truly national. For example, “Barcelona” or “Bavaria”, which is partially owned by the Union of fans. It was planned by 2023 to transfer controllny stake in the club, is a nonprofit organization of active fans, who will be responsible for everything from choosing the shape up to the amount of the transfer of contracts. Sponsorship contract with LUKOIL, Fedun has promised to extend for another 3-5 years after an exit “Spartaka” in free swimming. However, a new crisis may delay the period when a businessman is to become the owner of a simple fan. Now the entrepreneur is concerned, where to find funds for the payment of fees to the players. However, he said that some of the cuts to the players of the national championship may be helpful: the Russian practice of leaving excess premium, stop the poaching of foreigners with rubles that the club is unable to offer a strong League and development in this area.

Bet on the emergence of domestic football stars do in the club “homeland” in season 20192020 he plays in the West zone of PFL. In addition to the club in the structure of “homeland” Academy where are trained about two hundred athletes. The annual budget of the Academy is 30-35 million rubles allocated by the charity Fund “League of future Champions”. About the same amount of pay for the maintenance team. In the first two years it is funded by businessman Sergey Lomakin. Co-founder of the network I gave her in the past football player, candidate master of sports, their passion converted to command support and education of the youth. Under his patronage there are several successful professional clubs, which in the future should start your own commercial projects and to become self-supporting. The goal is to turn the Russian football clubs in the same attractive financial assets as Chelsea or Arsenal. While possession of the football clubs does not bring financial dividends and does not add to the image points. This is the only sponsorship with the aim to create in the future market.