A few weeks ago, a London court sentenced former tennis pro Boris Becker (54) to two and a half years in prison for delaying bankruptcy. At times, the ex-tennis ace was even housed in Wandsworth, known as the “horror prison”. Especially wife Lilly Becker (45) was concerned about Boris’ fate from the start. No wonder, because the former dream couple will remain connected forever through their son Amadeus.

Even for the 12-year-old, the current situation is not easy to cope with. According to media reports, he should ask his mom more often how his dad is doing or what he gets to eat in prison. Speaking to Britain’s Daily Mail, Lilly said: “I’m responding to this as best I can, but it’s not fair that I’m in this situation. It’s not fair that Amadeus is in this situation.” So it’s no wonder that the relationship between mother and son has become even closer since Boris entered prison.

In the meantime, according to “Bild” information, the two are said to have moved to a new home – far away from Wimbledon. In the London suburb of Wallington, Lilly and Amadeus finally want to take a deep breath and live their lives. In an interview with the British “Daily Mail”, the 45-year-old had already clarified: “My job is to protect my son. That’s all. I’m a single mom now.”

The togetherness in the London suburb should now apparently further strengthen mother and son. “My son has become my best friend. We help each other,” she had already emphasized in the “Daily Mail”. How things will continue for the two of them in the future – and when Amadeus can finally visit his dad in prison, we will hopefully find out soon.

Elvira Becker is one of the biggest supporters of son Boris. However, she is currently unable to visit the tennis legend in prison in Great Britain. The reason: The health of the 87-year-old is currently simply not playing along.

Former tennis player Boris Becker was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for bankruptcy offenses at the end of April. Now it has become known that he does not want to appeal.

Lilly Becker once again commented on Boris Becker’s prison sentence in an interview and told how she and her son Amadeus are coping with it. The twelve-year-old has now become her “best friend”, the two would “help each other”.

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