In the Day of the social worker President in a videoconference met with people who have dedicated themselves to this cause. The head of state announced new measures to support those working in this field, as well as socially oriented non-profit organizations. “You, all of us have a holiday today”, – said Vladimir Putin. The tradition of helping others has been passed from generation to generation throughout the millennial history of Russia, it is in our cultural, moral code, he said.

In 1701, June 8, at the state level was the beginning of the creation of the social protection system in the country. Social workers have chosen not just a profession, but in the full sense of the word Ministry, said the President. And it’s not only employees of state and municipal institutions – the noble mission of social guardianship selflessly fulfill and NGOs, representatives of traditional religions, the volunteers. “So now your total holiday,” Putin explained.

social Workers caring for children and the disabled, the elderly and the seriously ill, are next in difficult times, attentive, patient and responsive. “You prove that you care, each individual is important,” he said. “When trouble came, a dangerous epidemic, many of you showed their best qualities, not left, not left often helpless people,” he continued. “Maybe not everything, but I’m sure most of you did everything you could”, – said Vladimir Putin, noting the courage of civil heroism and involvement in the protection of citizens from the coronavirus.

“We were and still are going through severe trials and withstood them because a step has not receded from the enduring standards – of compassion, mutual help, mercy,” he said. These values are in the character of the people, and they are separated by vast majority of citizens.

the Proposed amendments to the Constitution stipulate the state guarantees targeted social obligatory – at least once a year – the indexation of pensions and benefits. The minimum wage, the value of which is calculated a payout cannot be below the subsistence minimum has listed Putin. “All these rules are supposed to work for years to come, so that people were confident in the future to beneficiaries was surrounded by special care and attention, received the necessary, sufficient support,” he explained.

In such areas as social security, no breakthrough technology can never replace humans, said the head of state. “The people on the kindness and humanity all rests here. We understand, appreciate and will always help you in your mission,” he said.

Vladimir Putin recalled that during the epidemic was passed a number of resolutions for additional support of specialists in the system SoCsAmity, volunteers, citizens, took an active part in the fight against coronavirus. Three months – from mid-April to mid-July – social workers there are additional payments for each two-week shift, increased promotion for work in particularly difficult conditions, in contact with people with coronavirus.

For those who during the epidemic took home the disabled, elderly or orphans, there is the promotion of a minimum wage is 12 thousand 130 roubles from 1 April to 30 June. A number of privileges and preferences for small and medium businesses in the affected industries are widespread and socially oriented NGOs, decided to allocate 3 billion rubles for the implementation of special programs of support from the President’s Reserve Fund.

the Head of state announced new additional measures. Signed amendments to the Tax code. First: the exemption applies to all payments for special working conditions in the period of suppression of coronavirus. It directly concerns social and medical workers, citizens who take accommodation accompanied orphans, disabled, elderly. Second: NPOs – recipients of the President, ministries, departments and regions, NGOs implementing the public utility services and providers of social services fully exempt from insurance payments and taxes (excluding VAT) for the second quarter of 2020. The measure applies to the organization of traditional religions. Third means which directs such business NGOs and religious associations can be considered to be within one percent of revenues non-operating expenses. That is, the amount of donations will not be counted when calculating taxes.

Yes, there are risks “for possible schemes with the so-called tax optimization schemes”, but we have to act, “not looking constantly for what benefit can be used by unscrupulous people,” Putin said. “We must support law-abiding and respectable citizens, and their majority,” he said. During the epidemic the Russian business community showed themselves responsibly, honestly and with dignity, and civil society demonstrated the ability to act together, the whole world to answer a challenge, he praised the President. And this trust between the government, business and non-profit sector, which strengthened in the period of test should be the basis of development for tackling long-term challenges in the economy and social sphere.

the President urged social workers not to hesitate to contact the authorities – the returns will be. “The governors have generally staffed by knowledgeable and honest people,” he said.

the Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov said that on the Ministry website published the register of NPOs – recipients of the presidential grants and subsidies from the government. There are 24 thousands’or��of anisazi, and on 8 June they can apply for loans at 2 percent to pay salaries. Until July 1, there will be a second list of NGOs that provide services in the field of preschool, children’s education. Putin instructed to provide the maximum information on all the measures of support – as much as possible: through the media, the Internet.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova proposed to create a Fund to help children suffering from serious illnesses who need expensive medications. “This is a very significant problem,” she said. At the meeting, in particular, they talked about the fact that not all the regions can buy a product such as “Spinoza”, for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy. The head of state agreed with the proposal of Deputy Prime Minister. “Agreed Tatiana. Let’s do it,” – Putin said.

once the participants complained to the President that with the processing of payments for the period of the pandemic on the portal there are problems. “I do not understand why some difficulties arise, but colleagues can hear me, I’m sure the reaction will be”, – Putin promised. “About the bureaucratic problems will work, I hope that any difficulties in receiving funds will not be”, – he assured. On the complaint of another party that palliative care relatives of patients have to go and collect the certificate at the request of the head of state said the head of the Ministry of labor. There will be simplified procedures for the provision of social support measures, including palliative care, for example, it can be issued remotely, said Anton Kotkov.

“You carry out not just what the job, it’s a mission that you carry through life” – once again turned to the social workers, the head of state. So helping people is important to society as a whole – it becomes kinder and more compassionate, more civilized, more efficient. And how during a pandemic, people responded to the pain of others, there is a part of result of this work.

Authorities are trying to support social workers in the efforts to help the middle. “I think that it’s all together still was somehow the result of the fact that we are able to pass through difficult tests, struggles with coronavirus infection. I am sure that we will overcome, will overcome also thanks to you and people like you,” – concluded Vladimir Putin.