Vladimir, as the coronavirus have complicated relationships with Russian business partners?

Vladimir Ulakhovich: In the near future is scheduled to meet representatives of our companies, colleagues from the Tver region, Saratov, Volgograd, Perm… So what about reducing the intensity of business relations it is not. A lot has passed in the format of teleconference. All in all, the BCCI and its regional offices, over a hundred cooperation agreements with Russian partners. Is important and our regular participation in held in Moscow the meeting of Russian regional chambers of Commerce and industry, more than a hundred. This is a unique opportunity to exchange experiences, to know what future projects have with colleagues. For example, Russia has put in place effective tools of support of a family business, CCI is a training Institute. All of this is of interest to us.

You participated in a meeting of the organizing Committee of the forum of regions.

Vladimir Ulakhovich: the forum of regions of Belarus and Russia is a tool, cooperation platform for cooperation. And regional cooperation is a powerful cementing force of the Union state. Representatives of the regions spend on the forums the deep, long-term work, increasing ties between businesses, implementing joint projects, strengthening good relations. We from the next, seventh Forum, we expect the same. Its main theme is the 75th anniversary of the Victory. This binder we date, our common history.

will Not leave on the second plan the economy?

Vladimir Ulakhovich: in Any case, because it is one of the pillars of the Belarusian-Russian Union. Will work on the appropriate forum section, chaired by heads of relevant committees of the upper chambers of the parliaments of the two countries. The main topic is the development of cooperative relations, joint industrial projects. Meetings are planned on the site of JSC “BELAZ”, which is a classic example of successful industrial cooperation between the two countries.

What we offer to the Russian partners the project?

Vladimir Ulakhovich: first and foremost, innovation. Often cite the example of our capabilities. On arrival in London you go through the scanner production private Belarusian scientific-technical company “ADANI”. At Heathrow airport used by the Belarusian glass, and given the intentions of the UK electric vehicle soon, you will be able to sit there on the Belarusian buses. By the way, BELAZ is already doing for Russia dump trucks-drones.

this year, a major exhibition at the forum is planned for obvious reasons. But innovative technology from the Belarusian flagships are yet��Ana. This plant MAZ, which “shot” to their bus, and “Gigli” with a whole line of cars. The factory “Belkommunmash” – a pioneer in the manufacture of electric vehicle, gas turbine Gomselmash harvester, MTZ, our academic science, developing space industry. In Russia there are breakthrough technologies. So let’s join forces.

At the last Forum of the regions signed contracts at $ 550 million. What are the predictions for this?

Vladimir Ulakhovich: the value of the contracts grew from forum to forum, so there are opportunities now to increase.

the Forum will be a meeting of the Belarusian-Russian business Council. What will you discuss?

Vladimir Ulakhovich: the Initiative to create this site came from the business. For example, our company “Santa Bremor” is Russia’s largest trading network “Russian sea”. But the restrictive measures in connection with the pandemic is not allowed to go to the staff of the head office to manage this asset to influence his work. Or such an example. In Russia the government adopted a resolution on mandatory labeling of goods. This proposed procedure, following which the Belarusian products to the Russian market may not be. We must pay tribute to the Russian partners who have supported us… At the meetings of the Board shall be signed real contracts and business agreements. So, important, for example, joint promotion of export products to the markets of third countries. We do not need to compete there with each other. But in order to go there, we need financial tools. And Bank Belveb signed with the Russian colleagues the agreement in this area. We must continue to seek such opportunities. Business at times can feel faster than public institutions.

in Spite of the pessimistic moods, Belarus increased in the first half the trade turnover with Russian regions.

Vladimir Ulakhovich: At the time of the crisis in the first place fall far logistics schemes. While Belarus and Russia are always close by. Our products are well known in the Russian regions and love for quality. Task – to walk with her to the most remote places. Here we rely on the help of the forum of regions.