In the new academic year cadet classes will open in 23 schools. This was told by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for social development.

Now there is a set of students in the seventh cadet class. To do this, you need to pass an interview and show excellent performance for sixth grade. Schools that joined the project “a Cadet class at the Moscow school”, develop a program of supplementary education and pre-professional training cadet, we carry a range of officers. Students will explore in depth the history of Russia and Sal, engage in combat and fire training, to participate in parades, Patriotic demonstrations, and the Museum volunteer projects, expeditions to places of military glory.

Pupils of cadet classes are taught for 16 profiles. Agreements signed with the Russian defense Ministry, emergencies Ministry, interior Ministry, foreign Ministry, Ministry of justice, FSB, FSO, the Federal penitentiary service, Regardie and CPS. The most popular destinations among the new participants of the project “Ground troops” and “Military translation.” For each of these programs will learn cadets from six educational organizations. In two schools signed a cooperation agreement with the traffic police in the framework of the profile of the MIA, and another one organized course of ecology jointly with the emergencies Ministry.

this year, the most numerous was the seventh classes. They had learned almost 6,5 thousand people. In the eighth — more than 5.3 thousand cadet in the ninth over four thousand, and in the tenth — more than 2.5 thousand.

Preparing for a future profession: over 35 thousand students are enrolled in pre-professional classes,”School — University — high-tech enterprise”: how to develop pre-service education

the Project “a Cadet class at the Moscow school” appeared in 2014 in 70 educational institutions of the capital. Its operator — Metropolitan centre “the Patriot. Sports” he is responsible for organizing major public events involving pupils. So, from 2015 to students of the seventh class carry out a forum of cadet education “I have the Honor to serve the Motherland” in the State Kremlin Palace. He is considered the unofficial initiation into the cadets. Then was held the first parade of the cadet movement of Moscow “will Not break the link between generations” on Poklonnaya hill. For all the time, it was attended by more than 100 thousand Moscow schoolboys.

in addition, hosted this year’s tournament “Cybercode”, which was joined by more than 5.5 thousand children. They practiced the skills of shooting from different weapons using tank simulator and tactical shooter, has studied the history of the great Patriotic war.