Across Germany, the additional costs are exploding for many people. A family from Jänschwalde in Brandenburg reported to “Bild” about an extraordinary price shock. Your ancillary costs should soon exceed your entire cold rent.

The five members of the Suchanow family already have to pay about the same for their ancillary costs as for their actual rent. However, according to current calculations, expenditure on gas should already exceed the basic rent by spring 2023.

However, the fact that this price increase will be so drastic is also due to the family’s very low cold rent so far. The family pays 556 euros for a 135 square meter apartment with a large terrace and good connections to the train station and kindergarten. But for the parents Frank and Steffi, who earn 2,300 euros net and 1,500 euros net, the ancillary costs are already making a noticeable difference.

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The additional costs for the family are currently 539 euros. In March, heating costs for gas rose from 275 to 413 euros. There are additional additional costs. The total ancillary costs are just 17 euros below the basic rent.

Energy expert Udo Sieverding predicts for the next year: “The family’s heating costs are likely to rise to around 700 euros in 2023.” Does everyone have to be afraid that the additional costs will soon exceed their own cold rent?

dr Rolf Bosse from the Hamburg Tenants’ Association gives the all-clear: “In big cities like Hamburg, where the rent level is higher, that won’t happen for the time being. However, heating costs will also increase here by 50 percent or more.”