at the end of may 1969 was the last door to the sixth Bond adventure, “In her Majesty’s secret service”. For the first and last Time in the main role as 007: the Australian George Lazenby (79). The most spectacular part of the filming took place on the Schilthorn in Mürren in the Bernese Oberland, which was renamed to Piz Gloria.

The construction of the now world-famous rotating restaurant, which served as the seat of the villain Blofeld, was made possible by the Film in the first place. Location Scout, Hubert Fröhlich (†76) had discovered the place on a recommendation from a Hotel Concierge. The production company Eon, which financed the interior construction of the summit station and left the train the installations. In return, the person responsible to transport Material and Crew free of charge committed.

“Whose Hand is this?”

With the then 24-year-old photographer Felix Aeberli, who reported on behalf of VIEW of the shooting was. “I had my first contact with the Film, and marveled at the huge effort.” Were alone requires 25 tonnes of Lighting equipment. And for the camera man required 2000 amps DC had to be at the top even installed a private power plant.

Particularly in the memory Aeberli stayed the night ride with the Crew back to Mürren. “Once a Joker had turned off the interior lighting to the last seat filled gondola. Suddenly cried one of the Bond Girls: “Whose Hand is that?!””

“The biggest mistake of my life”

Aeberli was housed in the same Hotel as the Crew and had a direct wire to the performers. “To some, except I get ordinary shots.” For example, the picture on the Lazenby his Walther PPK aimed at Aeberli. “007 took me to a sight never to be forgotten so quickly.” Among his Souvenirs is also a card with the signatures of all Bond Girls and the Bond-actor. Of these recalls is just as happy at that time. In 2015, he said at the opening of the 007 Walk of Fame to VIEW: “to have The contract for a further Bond Film not signed, it was the biggest mistake of my life.”

“In her Majesty’s secret service” by Peter R. Hunt (†77) is due to the one-off appearance by George Lazenby has a special status. Among connoisseurs it is considered to be one of the best Bond works, since it meets the spirit of the novels of Ian Fleming (†56) perfect. The world premiere of rose on 18. December 1969 in London, the 50-year anniversary celebrations these days. The Fan-entourage stayed last weekend in the Portuguese seaside resort of Estoril, where a lot of the beginning sequences. Today is Saturday, a gala dinner for invited guests will take place on the Schilthorn. Prior to that, there is a press conference with the Crew. Announced 007 actor George Lazenby, the five-time Bond Director John Glen (87), film composer Monty Norman (91), and various Bond Girls. Villain-actor Telly Savalas died in 1994.