Supermarkets and discounters often use front doors to provide information about special offers, opening hours or other important information. Often there are also important functions behind the stickers.

For example, the eye-catching four-color stripes on the doors of many Rewe and Penny branches. The conspicuous function is intended to ensure security and support employees in fighting crime.

On the inside of the front door of Rewe and Penny (both belong to the Rewe Group), two colorful vertical stripes in red, blue, yellow and green are often attached without writing. These are part of the safety and preventive measures of the supermarkets, as Rewe spokesman Thomas Bonrath explained to the online edition of the “Bild” newspaper.

Thefts are common in many stores. If perpetrators then escape through the front door of the supermarket, the employees can use the stripes to better assess the size of the thief.

It is sufficient to indicate the color that is approximately at the height of the perpetrator’s head.

Behind every color there is a size that only the employees know. This information can then be passed on to the police, thereby simplifying a search.

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