You do not have to spend any money on the property tax return. With Elster it all works for free. But as is the case with taxes, as a normal user you enter a completely new world in which you first have to find your way.

Since the property tax is regulated differently in the federal states, the experts from Finanztip have created a comprehensive help with which you can fill out your property tax return free of charge via Elster. The special thing about the click instructions is that all federal states are taken into account.

The colleagues have put a lot of effort into creating a fill-in aid for the property tax return with Elster for all federal states. You can easily get the PDF free of charge if you register for the Finanztip newsletter. To do this, simply click on “To the filling-in help”.

Just enter your e-mail address and click on the confirmation link in the e-mail that is then sent. You will then receive the 75-page PDF document. The content is broken down by state. Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hamburg, Hesse and Lower Saxony are also listed with their own models. The remaining federal states follow the federal model.

Just look for the federal state in which the affected property is located. You are always greeted by a quick guide showing the most important steps.

Practically, the filling-in help not only helps when processing the documents on Elster, but also when collecting the necessary data. For Elster himself there is a detailed click-through guide to checking and sending the property tax return.

If there are any further questions about the details, the fill-in help will help with additional contact options.