More than 50 thousand inhabitants of the capital passed the tests on immunity to the coronavirus since may 15. The study showed that the immune system is formed in 12.5% of them. This result allows to start actions for mitigation of temporary restrictive measures in the city.

the highest rate is in Moscow recorded in the North-Eastern administrative district — at 13.6 percent tested detected antibodies to coronavirus. In the East and South-East of the capital, the figures were 13.1 percent and 13.2 percent, respectively. In the North-Western district of antibodies detected in 11.8% of the population in the North — from 12.7 percent in the South from 12.4 per cent in the West — from 11.6 percent of the citizens in the South-West at 11.2 percent, in the Central district — from 12.1 per cent.

Results today are comparable to cities, which are among the first encountered virus. For example, in Madrid, where a severe outbreak COVID-19 and where, to date, have already begun to remove the restrictive measures on the results of the studies of immunity was identified in 14 percent of citizens.

on may 15 in Moscow launched a massive study of the population immunity to coronavirus infection. Residents of the capital randomly invited to the 30 city clinics for a free blood test by immunoassay method (ELISA). It allows to detect antibodies to the virus. In parallel, the same test is carried out among patients nekovine hospitals.

It was the biggest in the world the study of population immunity to COVID-19. It is planned to spend from three to six million of these tests. “It was an unprecedented amount of research to show how is formed and how it subsequently behaves in population immunity in Moscow,” said Alexei Khripun.

From may 15, Muscovites will be able free testing for immunity to coronaviruses tests for coronavirus can be viewed in the electronic medical record

the study is planned to test for immunity to coronavirus workers in various fields of urban economy. The plans also conduct certain analysis of the dynamics of formation of antibodies in patients who are discharged to outpatient treatment in hospitals. Analysis they will have to take on the first and 30th day after discharge.
a Study of population immunity to the coronavirus held at the proposal of the clinical Committee for coronavirus in Moscow and supported by the Mayor of Moscow.

Yet to join the study after a special invitation — every few days by email or by SMS it will receive about 70 thousand Muscovites. To donate blood, you will need to enroll online by clicking on the link in ppriglashenii. The result of ELISA test can be viewed in the electronic medical record of the patient. According to the decision of the Mayor of Moscow next week will be open free entry for testing.