Imminent climate disaster will cause dullness of mankind

Scientists at the University of Colorado at boulder predicted that increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the future can lead to lower intelligence and complex strategic thinking in humans. The results of a study which reveals the reasons for the imminent stupefaction of mankind due to global warming, published in the journal of GeoHealth.

By the end of the century people will be exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide, which is estimated to be achieved in the space of 1400 parts per million (ppm), which is three times higher than the current concentration in the open air. The result will increase the amount of dissolved blood carbon dioxide and decreases the oxygen flow to the brain. It is known that this increases the drowsiness and anxiety and impairs cognitive function.

Experts predict that, according to a catastrophic scenario of climate change due to the ongoing anthropogenic burning of carbon, the level of carbon dioxide in the open air will reach 930 ppm and in urban areas will increase by 100 ppm addition. According to experts, increased concentrations of greenhouse gas will worsen the ability to plan and make decisions on 50 and 20 percent, respectively.