2021 was not only a difficult year for Queen Elizabeth II personally: her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan gave an interview with US talk show master Oprah Winfrey with devastating consequences, and she also lost her husband Prince Philip and the noose her son Prince Andrew drew ever closer in the wake of the sex scandal. But as has now become known, things looked pretty bleak financially last year. The palace has now published figures that show: The Royal Family is facing a financial challenge. Millions of dollars in losses have been recorded as spending continues to rise. In order to compensate for the problem, the “company” should now have to come up with a plan.

The figures from the royal family report that has now been published do not bode well. While revenue was up £14m, expenses rose 17 per cent to £102.4m. Although the palace was able to register a further £9.9 million in revenue by opening it to visitors, the royal palaces must of course also be kept in good condition for visitors. And you have to let the costs melt in your mouth first: According to the cost estimate, the renovation of Buckingham Palace alone amounts to 369 million pounds. A spokesman for the palace confirmed in this context that the financial “reserves” will have to be used to implement the project. At the same time, the renovation of the official residence is sorely needed: the electrical system in the 775 rooms has not been renewed since the Second World War. The report also shows the cost of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s Caribbean trip, which took place in early 2022.

In March 2022, Prince William and Duchess Kate visited the former British colony. The royal couple sometimes received a lot of criticism for their appearance, as in the eyes of some observers it seemed as if the duke and duchess ruled over the region’s population. The figures that have now been disclosed should also not exactly cause enthusiasm. The flights alone on the eight-day trip totaled more than £226,000. But what do these figures mean for the future of the British monarchy? Which, according to a palace spokesman, is in “difficult times” anyway?

According to the Daily Mail, one royal in particular is aware of the consequences of these facts: heir apparent Prince Charles. Duchess Camilla’s husband has been committed to environmental protection for decades and fights for a responsible approach to climate change. That’s why he’s probably working on “solving the conflict” between his responsibility when traveling as part of royal duties and his role as an environmental activist. However, that alone will probably not be enough. After the throne jubilee, things are looking better again on the popularity scale of the British royal family. This upturn could be used to place popular members of the royal family even more prominently in the future. So in turn one hopes for probably higher visitor numbers at Windsor Castle, in Buckingham Palace

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were spotted heading to Oprah Winfrey’s Montecito mansion over the weekend. They are said to have spent an hour together.

The Queen has been going to Scotland in the summer for many years. There she attended a key handover in Edinburgh.

Queen Elizabeth II is back on stage. For the first time since her platinum anniversary, she has now appeared in public again. At a traditional ceremony in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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