The St. Gallen Imam Fehim Dragusha (37) must leave Switzerland because he is said to have beaten his Ex-wife Dewi K.* (37) years, and raped. After the Federal court had confirmed the expulsion, was the victim of clear words (EYES reported).

“I was just his possession,” reports K. about her ordeal. The Kosovars have, like a tyrant over their lives, they threatened and abused. Now, Fehim Dragusha refers to the mosque in Paradise in St. Gallen position.

I will not accept the court verdict and all the way to Strasbourg, to move on. Muslims gather here to donate for me. I hit my Ex or raped. Allah knows everything.

Look, if I was actually a rapist, I would have to sit for a minimum of five years in prison. But there is no evidence. Until today there is no criminal complaint and no proceedings against me. It may not be the case that the migration office about possible criminal offences to decide. Here, the presumption of innocence is trampled.

Because they want to damage my reputation, and revenge against my new partner. My Ex is mentally ill and has threatened to take my youngest son to kill. In addition, she has beaten me many times. I, myself, have never used violence, and not defended myself. The neighbors would have heard it, if I had my Ex-wife done something.

That’s not true. She had a key and would have at any time can go. Why didn’t she go earlier? For my pilgrimage to Mecca I was every year during three weeks absent. Also her parents were frequently visiting.

The judges may have thought, out of pity, my Ex-wife. We had problems in the relationship, this can occur. But that to me is not believed, perhaps also because I am a well-known Imam, I will not accept.

I have no confidence in the Federal court. I like it here, and I’m not easy to throw out, just because this country wants to get rid of imams.

* the Name has been changed to call

In the previous reporting VIEW Fehim Dragusha was respecting his privacy as E. D., and later, as Ibrahim et seq.