The movement Black Lives Matter, which has very quickly swept the United States, and rapidly spread throughout the world and has already revolutionized the corporate world. Organizations and companies began to hastily apologise for his past and publicly condemn racism, oppression and the slave trade. But a huge Corporation and all were ready at once to get rid of their brands with centuries of history that still promoted as an integral part of American life.Last Thursday, the food industry giants Mars and PepsiCo have promised to abandon two of its brands, has become not only a part of their history, but the history of all America. Very soon will cease to smile with the packages of food is always the fun uncle Ben and aunt Jemima. And it’s not just that they are both black. In their statements of the company have called for an end to racism, and the redistribution or the destruction of their own brands should be the example of overdue change in American society.Fathers and deterrent Uncle Ben’s, there is already 77 years old, but for Russian consumers it is unlikely to have the same meaning for Americans. We remember him is that due to the sauces is played on TV in the mid-1990s. For Americans it is a cult brand that has become part of their everyday lives almost immediately after the Second world war. And for them Uncle Ben’s in the first place, not tomato sauce.Before the First world war, in 1910-ies, two British scientists-chemist Erich Hutzenlaub and Frances Rogers invented the technology of steaming rice, which allows not only to reduce the time of cooking, but also to store more nutrients than conventional cooking. At about this time in 1911 in the US company Mars Inc., the founders of which were then still only an aspiring American businessman Franklin Clarence Mars and his second wife. This company will produce remained a bestseller for decades, parboiled rice and sauces to it, and then decides to apologize for the way these products are called.Initially, Franklin and his wife were trying to sell candy wholesale, but pretty soon fell, unable to withstand competition. The company saved the son of Franklin by his first marriage, Forrest. Father and son haven’t really talked since the divorce, moreover, even Forrest moved to Canada. But after graduation, the young man returned home to pursue higher education. Then there was the reunion of the father and of the son, and also a rebirth of the chocolate company. Here only it was called then, not Mars, and Milky Way, which in the view of Europeans and Russians look very different.The relationship between father and son was extremely difficult, but precisely because of this fact, the company became international. In 1932 and�� relations have taken a new division, now on the basis of business. Dad, being a conservative man, insisted to continue to win U.S. market on which the company’s business was better than ever. And the son spoke for the international expansion. In the end, in the same year, Forrest Mars again left the States and headed to Britain, where he founded the company Mars Limited, has released a chocolate bar Mars by now familiar recipe for us, and there first learned about the invention Hutzenlaub and Rogers.Together with Hutzenlaub Forrest Mars returned to the US to in Houston to establish a joint venture, which will produce the same figure. Thus, in 1942 there was a company Converted Rice, and in 1943 produced the first packaging under the brand name Uncle Ben’s — “From uncle Ben”. Then all products are produced solely to support the armies of the US and the UK and on the packages was not yet the smiling black man. It will only appear after the Second world war, in 1946.Uncle and meteoras uncle Ben, who now resolved to destroy the collective. The company claims that the prototype of uncle Ben was a real farmer of Houston, California. He was African American involved in the cultivation of rice, which for their high quality for many years won all kinds of awards. But on the packaging of rice and sauces pictured is not it. The appearance of uncle Ben, believed to be received from the Maitre d ‘ at one of the Chicago restaurants.Photo: Brendan McDermid, ReutersПоставками products Mars military was engaged in broker Gordon Harwell. The second world left behind and the company needed to figure out how to promote a new product to the General public. Harwell and I were just discussing this issue with my colleagues for dinner at a restaurant in Chicago, the Maitre d ‘ who was his good friend Frank brown. Then the businessman decided that the person brown has to show off for Mars products under the brand name Uncle Ben’s, to be able to win the hearts of Americans. Now this image will be changed. How? The answer to this question is, it seems, not even at the very Mars.The devil is in the details, and in this case that Ben and Jemima — uncle and aunt. And family ties here. That’s right — uncle and aunt — even long after the abolition of serfdom in the United States the white inhabitants of the southern States, losing the Civil war, appealed to former slaves. Because they believed that the treatment of “Mr.” and “Mrs.” worthy only white. And this is a manifestation of racism against the black population was literally immortalized the two leading companies of the country. Maybe that’s why PepsiCo decided to completely abandon the brand Aunt Jemima, which 130 years produced pancake mix, syrups and other products.Aunt Jemima can not boast of such to��asioi the story as uncle Ben. The brand Aunt Jemima was created in the late 1880-ies. Its authors were Chris Rutt and Charles underwood, they also invented and flour for cooking pancakes. Image for brand of flour came to Rattu in 1889, during a visit to the theatre in Missouri. There was vaudeville, which was filled with the then popular song “Old aunt Jemima”. The very same aunt played black woman in a headscarf and apron — established since the early 1800-ies in American culture stereotype of the child and negress, a relic of the era of slavery in the United States.Photo: Brendan McDermid, ReutersКомпания Ratta and underwood collapsed just over a year, but their flour for the quick cooking of the pancakes continued to exist, turning into the property from one company to another, until he was in a Pepsi. In 2020 the history of this brand is obviously over.The first intends to revise the logo of their brand Cream of Wheat, which in 1893 produced flour and cereals. And Colgate decided that it’s time to do a rebranding of its Darlie toothpaste, which is sold exclusively in Asian markets. That this brand of racist, in the most Colgate didn’t doubt even 35 years ago, when they decided to rename their newly purchased item from the Hawley & Hazel Chemical — of Darkie, which in American slang means “Negro” in Darlie. Now, considered in the company, it’s time to get rid of the image of a black man in the cylinder, which over the years continued to decorate the tubes with toothpaste. Soon, obviously, to rebrand, think about other manufacturers that still used the image of blacks on their products.Kirill Saranac