Australian TikToker Baby Soja just wanted to relax and do her laps in a public pool. But since she had reckoned without a few children. Screaming happily, they jumped into the pool, splashed around and enjoyed life. That didn’t apply to the Melbourne native at the moment.

“I’m so sick of screaming kids everywhere you go. And I just have to come to terms with it?”, She asked annoyed on TikTok afterwards – and followed up with a controversial demand: “I just have the feeling that people like me who are mean and hate children should just have their own neighborhoods, where we can rest and be undisturbed.”

If anyone is planning to create an adult-only district where everything is adult-only, please feel free to let her know, the TikToker said.

The Australian’s video received a very mixed reaction from TikTok users. However, a large majority of those commenting agreed with the 27-year-old. Even parents agreed with her opinion.

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“As a mother, I agree with you. I hate going to a restaurant without my kids only to hear other people’s kids being loud. There should be more adult-only places,” said one user. Another user shared this view. “I can imagine that not only people who hate children, but also those who have children would like a break.”

Meanwhile, another user commented as drastically as Baby Soy: “I would give all my savings to live in such a community.” Others, however, could not resist a sarcastic swipe. There are certainly places where adults have their peace. These are called “retirement homes,” they wrote.

However, some users could not understand the Melbourne native. “You were once a child too,” it said, among other things. “Yes, children are sometimes annoying and we need time for ourselves, but at the end of the day they are just children and they cry because they are just young,” said one woman in defense of the little rascals.

Baby Soya finally backtracked a bit. She is not saying that children should no longer be allowed in bathing establishments at all. “But it would be nice if there were more adult-only places to relax, and that includes parents who need a break from their kids.”