hundreds of tourists were infected in Ischgl with the Coronavirus. Meanwhile, the public Prosecutor’s office in Innsbruck, has taken the investigation to the spread of the Virus in the popular winter sports resort. The Tyrolean authorities face massive criticism.

According to new information, the managers of Ischgl, suggested, apparently, a specific warning in the Wind. The Austrian research blog ““ published the E-Mail history of a Dutch tourist with the Tyrolean tourist office in Ischgl. The concerned tourist has already supplied the 6. March notes that travelers from Iceland were infected in Ischgl with Covid-19. “I’m shocked,” wrote the Dutch to the tourism office. None of the sites in the Tyrol or Ischgl mention these ten confirmed Corona cases on the Island-holidaymakers.

A day later, on 7. In March, it became known that a bartender of the locality “Kitzloch” tested positive for the Virus.

That Icelanders had made in the Ischgl Ski holidays, infected with the Coronavirus in their home country are landed, was at this time already known. However, the Tyrolean health authorities had communicated at that time that the Icelanders were infected on your return flight. The Dutch did not show up in your Mail shocked that you take in Ischgl the risk seem serious and no one to inform.

“you were during your stay in your village contagious,”

In subsequent E-Mails reported to the tourist, who had cancelled their own Ischgl travel, that you have called the Icelandic authorities: “you are absolutely sure that the infection in Ischgl and not when the flight is happening, because the ten patients have already shown before your return flight symptoms. In which case, you were already during your stay in your village are contagious.“

The Dutch woman asked the tourist office several times about, even in the case of the Icelanders call. However, you replied only: “We trust our authorities to be one hundred percent.” Picture: dpa The tourists are missing, the Bars – like the one here in Ischgl – are orphaned.

again and again there had been in the past few days, further reports that there were even before the positive Test of the “Kitzloch”-bartender’s first suspected cases in Ischgl. Thus, the ZDF reported that in a restaurant by the end of February operating in Ischgl, a Coronavirus had become infectious case, known. The local operator is notified accordingly, but neither the positive nor the contact persons to the health authorities. Also had reported holidaymakers from Germany, who would have been infected according to the information provided already in the first week of March.

In a media information of the Tyrolean authorities of 16. March sound the different: Here, the Tyrolean Governor Günther Platter argued that the Land of the Tyrol on 6. March have obtained information about the infected Icelanders, but at the same time tell that there had been at the time of the test result of the bartender “not a single suspected case or from Ischgl”.

“Immediately a comprehensive set of measures” after a positive Corona Test?

In that press release the Governor also announce that with the positive test result of the bartender’s “immediately comprehensive measures” were taken. In fact, the “Kitzloch was” but only on Monday, 9. March, closed. On the weekend, Ski-Bar, and hundreds, if not thousands, of guests celebrated in the Après.

The Tyrolean authorities were waiting for the closing on the confirmation from Iceland. That stopped the infected Icelanders in the “Kitzloch”, confirmed in a press release.

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And although the “Kitzloch” on Monday had to close, the other Après-Ski bars in the place of their operation to 10. March. Then, the Austrian Federal Ministry of health decreed a decree, that all of the Local, “in which more than 500 persons (outside closed rooms or Outdoors), or more than 100 persons in a closed room together,” had to close. All of the other Local Restaurants and shops and the ski slopes remained open. Reuters/Jakob Gruber/APA/dpa to The regions is the Paznaun valley, the tourist resort of Ischgl, due to an increase in the number of Coronavirus cases in quarantine.

Austrian consumer protection Association in the class-action lawsuit against

prepares On 11. March the Land of the Tyrol announced that, as of the skiing in Ischgl on a provisional basis for two weeks – this applies, however, only starting on Saturday, the 14. March. A day later, the Austrian state rowed back and said the skiing in Tyrol. The prohibition applies, however, only from Sunday, 15. March. The lifts ran until then, in many places more.

Meanwhile, the Austrian consumer protection Association is preparing a class-action lawsuit against the state of Tyrol. “The keeping Open of the Ski areas, although you should know of a risk of mass contagion or knowledge,” is a reason to examine claims for damages. 9-year-old Isabelle belongs to the risk group – mother has an important message to all of us PCP 9-year-old Isabelle belongs to the risk group – mother has an important message to us all