A Russian soldier calls his mother from the Ukraine war. He complains that he was not prepared for this mission and that he is in grave danger. Then the mother makes him an unusual announcement: “I’ll pick you up.”

The Ukrainian army is advancing in the Donetsk region. The soldiers want to recapture the important cities of Svatovo and Kreminna with all their might. A Russian soldier is under fire from the Ukrainian artillery near Kreminna.

On the phone he complains to his mother about his suffering. So she promptly suggests picking him up from the hail of bullets.

Mother: “How are you?”

Soldier: “Like… Mom, it sucks.”

Mother: “What?”

Soldier: “I’m right up front, damn it. Ukrainians come from three directions. They are in the nearest forest. Shells and tanks want to finish us off.”

Mom: “Why the hell did you go there? Tell me!”

Soldier: “I was ordered.”

Mother: “What are we going to do now?”

Soldier: “Nothing. They chose us and sent us here. Yesterday we ran away from a tank. Damn crap, they had thermal cameras. They plowed everything up.”

Mom: “Oh no. And how long – when are you coming back?”

Soldier: I don’t know. They say you have to be here at least eight months before you get leave from the front.”

Mother: “That can’t be true. What about your contract?”

Soldier: “The contract is of no interest to anyone here. They said you’d only come back without an arm, without a leg or dead.”

Mom: “Let me pick you up!”

Soldier: The boys say the Ukrainians will attack in 20 minutes. You heard it over the radio.”

Mom: “Let me pick you up!”

Soldier: “How do you want to pick me up?”

Mother: “You are my only son. My only!”

Soldier: “We drink from puddles here.”

Mom begins to sob: “Vovka! Why are you saying that?”

Soldier: I’ve been running from tanks for three days. Anyway, Mom…”

Mother: “I’m going to the registration office.”

Soldier: What are you trying to say there? But well try it.”

Mother: “I do.”

Soldier: I don’t want to be here. i am not a fighter I wasn’t even trained to run away from tanks… The Polish shells, you don’t hear them until they explode… I’m not even sure where I am right now. Docked to any ground forces.”

Mom: “Tell me where you are. Which region?”

Soldier: “I am in Kreminna, Donetsk region. I must now prepare for the attack. Put on my protective gear and stuff.”

Mom cries, “Okay, call me, will you?”

This call is one of many. Again and again, Russian soldiers at home complain about the poor training, the lack of orders, the bad conditions and the low morale. And again and again Russian mothers confront registration offices across the country with the fate of their sons.

So far this has brought nothing. Furthermore, Russian soldiers die every day as cannon fodder at the front. Sent to die by Vladimir Putin.