The biggest jungle camp drama took place this year away from the camp: Iris Klein (55), mother of Daniela Katzenberger (36), had publicly claimed that her husband Peter (63, accompanied by participant Lucas Cordalis) had her in Australia with Yvonne Woelke (41, accompanied by jungle king Djamila Rowe) cheated.

It was followed by Iris’ dramatic announcement on Instagram that she wanted to divorce Peter Klein, then the Katzenberger mother was hospitalized because of an “internal emergency” and now the Klein couple suddenly asserts that they want to get together again.

How Daniela Katzenberger dealt with these chaotic circumstances and the associated media interest, she reveals in her current Instagram story: “At some point I was at a point where I said to myself: I don’t want to hear anything anymore. I felt like I was suffocating, it was eating me up.” She then temporarily deleted the Instagram app and put the phone out of sight. “I sweated away my emotions in the bathtub.”

The Mallorcan by choice also says: “I don’t know myself exactly what was there. It sounds mean, but I can’t make their marital problems mine. These are grown people and I just want to stay out of it. Especially when it comes to your own family, you have to be careful not to let yourself get carried away.”

But Daniela Katzenberger also emphasizes: “I said to my mother, I’m always there for her. But I’m not a marriage counselor.” She trusts her mother “to do what makes her happy at the end of the day.”

Now that she was apparently able to process the whole drama and her husband Lucas Cordalis (55) is finally back from his jungle camp participation, the “cat” is plagued by completely different problems anyway: “Lucas has (in Australia) eight kilos removed. I look like a hippopotamus next to him.” But Daniela also has a solution for this “problem”. As a photo of the contents of her fridge shows, Lucas has a lot of chocolate waiting for him.

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