A woman is bullied badly by her stepson and doesn’t know what to do anymore. She would like to leave, but she loves her husband.

“My stepson is a psychopath,” a woman begins her story on Reddit. She has been with her husband for six years and both have children in the relationship. She is a girl, he is a boy and together they have one child.

“My stepson was strange from the moment I met him when he was two years old. He had a scream that could break glass. “He had little to no compassion for others and enjoyed inflicting pain while wearing that creepy, mischievous smile,” she says, describing her stepson’s behavior.

She tried to give him love and attention. Until last week. “My stepson found it funny to urinate on almost everything in my daughter’s room, her bed, the floor, her clothes, her toys, and so on.” She had never seriously punished him, but that was the turning point.

“I told him he would miss the water balloon fight and graduation and that he had to stay home to clean up the mess he had made.

From then on, the woman said, he told lies about her; he claimed that she had hit him with a belt and that she had tried to drown him in the bathtub. She also talked to her husband about it. “He said he was eight and I was paranoid. This little psycho makes up stories and lies about me and deceives everyone including me. I’m at the end.”

The woman is desperate and sees no way out. “I don’t want to have anything to do with him and his mind games anymore, he’s endangering my life and that of my children.” But her problem is that she loves her husband.

“I don’t think it’s morally justifiable to ask him to choose between me and his son.” The only thing left for her is divorce.

Users on Reddit encourage her in her decision. “Run as far and as fast as you can. The next wave of false accusations will involve your biological children,” one wrote. “Go. Think about your other two children. “What happens if he targets her?” commented another.

Another Reddit user has little hope. She writes: “I used to be a teacher and had three students with behavioral problems like you describe. Everyone ended up in an inpatient therapy facility.” 

Just recently, another stepmother complained about her suffering: She is deeply hurt because the family refuses to recognize her as a grandmother, even though her stepdaughter has had a baby.

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