Im afraid to become someones mistress muceniece disappointed

Scandal in the family Paul Priluchnogo and Agatha muceniece still on the ear.

The couple divorced after Priluchny, according to Agatha, long drink, and then snatched on the wife with fists and kicked her and the children out of the house.

The incident strongly influenced the attitude of Agatha to men in General.

In the program ISA Anokhina “Fair divorce” she told me that she is now afraid of a new relationship. Love it and I don’t really believe and “not serious” novel, she is also useless, although she is afraid to be forever alone.

“Now I’m afraid I can never be happy with a man. There is still the fear that I’ll always be one. And I’m afraid to become someone’s mistress, that I would not” – quoted the actress 7Days.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, has beaten Agatha muceniece actor Paul Priluchny decided to make amends to the wife, giving her a dog.

A few days after the terrifying history of physical abuse, the artist has placed stories in personal microblog live with the new pet.