Mental health Whether you are single, at a very early stage fell in love with, or married for years to you. If you are in a happy home, and in the case of joint custody, or is in an unstable relationship. Love, in all its various forms, is put to the test. NINA writes all the stories, relatiedeskundige Wim Slabbinck give advice.

“one evening in the spring of the vehicle in order to get her to surprise you with a visit. How romantic, I’m not. My relationship is at a very early stage,” says Willy Smith (65) us. “Imagine that, Monica, it’s wrong to look at it? In addition, a couple of weeks ago, her son is sick at home, from Madrid, spain. With a fever and a sore throat. He had a cold. In order not to spread it, we have our dates be suspended. How strong I am to her desire I want to be but do not look it up.”

for The full interview with Willy, and all the other love stories you’ll read tomorrow, NINA, and this weekend, the