They often drive through the city with their engines roaring or let their tires squeal at traffic lights. Hundreds of times this year, mostly male so-called autoposers had to go home without their expensively manipulated cars. Why this?

In the fight against illegal tuning, 12,400 so-called autoposers were checked in Baden-Württemberg this spring and summer alone, and hundreds of cars, some of which had been manipulated at great expense, were confiscated or seized. The Ministry of the Interior announced on Tuesday that 4,131 violations were registered between March and October. In 967 cases, further travel was prohibited or the vehicle confiscated. “Many posers and tuners had to walk home after being checked,” it said in Stuttgart.

Authorities use the term “poser” to describe motorists who roar past crowded squares in order to pose with their often manipulated cars.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the car was technically modified or manipulated in more than two out of three cases (almost 69 percent) this year. The ministry warned that these were particularly security-related violations. Unnecessary driving back and forth, which was punished 110 times, as well as noise and exhaust nuisance are also particularly popular. It was viewed 596 times.

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