A doctor from a Berlin vaccination center is said to have been blocked after informing patients about an alternative to third-party vaccination. The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians accuses him of “not adequately supporting the goal of the vaccination strategy”. The 35-year-old has now filed a complaint.

Tristan Thoring was employed as a vaccination doctor in Berlin and Brandenburg vaccination centers for almost a year. However, according to a report in “Welt”, one working day was his downfall. Because on that day, two people decided against vaccination – allegedly after Thoring had had a preliminary talk with them. There are said to have been three such cases in total.

Thoring remembers a couple in the Tegel vaccination center compared to the “world”. He replied on that day: “I will vaccinate you now or later, but you can alternatively do an antibody test at your own expense. Then it is at least clear whether and to what extent you are still immunized against the virus. ”He could still vaccinate her afterwards.

The background to this offer was that Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) shortened the convalescent status from six to three months just a few days before. That is why some patients feared having to accept restrictions in public life without a third-party vaccination.

The medical director’s team overheard Thoring’s patient conversations and then confronted the 35-year-old. He had to explain “why he wanted to be a vaccinator and still let people go unvaccinated,” says the report.

Thoring, for whom vaccines “are among the greatest achievements of medicine”, is said to have replied that he thinks it is right to “educate people in all facets”. He was then referred to the vaccination center for three months. The Red Cross Berlin asked for it. The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians later informed him in a letter that he “does not sufficiently support the goal of the current vaccination strategy,” writes the “Welt”.

However, the letter addressed to Thoring also states: “There are no fundamental doubts about your suitability.” It was explicitly stated in the three cases in the vaccination center that his advice was “medically justifiable”.

Even if the three-month period has already passed since May 15, Thoring does not like to accept it so easily. He emphasizes that he considers “the corona virus to be extremely dangerous, depending on the variant and especially in the case of risk groups”, and has already vaccinated around 4,000 people against the virus.

That is why the former vaccination doctor is said to have filed a criminal complaint against the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians for defamation.