International football, Under the slogan, “crazy, crazier, gekst”, they play football in the republic of belarus in spite of the coronapandemie out. The president of the country Alexander Lukashenko will see there are no bones in it and played it over the weekend to even play a game of ice hockey. “Exercise is the best remedy against the virus,” a voice said in retrospect. Check out the video below. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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It continues to be unlikely, while in the rest of Europe and in the world of sports was forced to lay off, and off, it is the quality of the Russian football continue to be played, and with the general public.

the White Russian is one of the few countries that still do not have strict regulations introduced at the end of the Covid-19. “The measures taken in the different countries, to scare,” let’s president Lukashenko have previously been defined. At his words, took the 65-year-old president is a part of a ijshockeytoernooi in There.“It is better to be situated where I have to die, and then, crawling on your knees to live,” he told the Saturday after the hockey game on local television.“There are no viruses. I don’t see them here, in any case, it is not the place. Sports and voorkeurop the ice – cream is the best remedy for the corona virus. It’s like you don’t need.”