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– If you are infected by covid-19, a few days before you develop the disease, maybe a week or more, ” says Petter Elstrøm, researcher in the resistance – and infeksjonsforebygging at FHI.

to be Tested you too early, you may still be infected, but get a negative test result.

Is the answer on a test positive for covid-19, we trust that it is correct. If the answer is negative, we must take into account when the test was taken.

Researcher in the Resistance – and infeksjonsbygging Petter Elstrøm

– to get a certain result if you are infected by korona, you must have developed symptoms and have had them for a couple of days. If one tests too early, then says negative prøveresultat very little, ” says Elstrøm.

research Scientist Petter Elstrøm at FHI, says that the research and development of antistofftester that FHI is considering. These measure the immune response in the person. If the tests are good, they will be able to tell who has undergone the disease.

Photo: Marit Gjellan / NRK

the Reason is that there is not enough virus in the body that the test can catch it. The body must transform enough the virus, so that it appears on the test.

– We need to take into consideration when the test was taken.

Two days at home with symptoms

– We ask the health workers who has developed the symptoms about to be home in two days. They still have symptoms, they are tested. They have had more virus in the body, and the test will catch it up, ” says the acting head of department at department of virology at FHI, Karoline Bragstad.

At the beginning of the outbreak was a large proportion of healthcare workers tested, both with and without symptoms. Many of these experienced to get a negative result on the test, and later on to develop the disease anyway.

For early testing is likely the cause of this.

Tests are not those without symptoms

Many people want to test themselves for covid-19, without having clear symptoms of the virus. They are afraid that they have the virus without knowing it, and that they can infect others.

– People without symptoms should not be tested. It is very unlikely that you get any result, and the test is wasted, ” says Bragstad.

She emphasizes that they are still test groups according to the priority order.

the Acting head of section Karoline Bragstad at FHI, says that it is important to know whether the test shall be taken from the upper or lower respiratory tract.

Photo: Ingvild Baltzersen Sounds / NRK

Koronatesten used by the health care system is almost 100 per cent sure. But it is important that the test be performed correctly. It is only those first three to five days that there is no point in taking samples from the upper respiratory tract.

– You need to know when to take the test. We also need to know where we shall take the sample from, whether it is from the upper or lower respiratory tract, in order that the test should be able to detect the virus. If we take samples from the upper respiratory tract when the virus has gone deeper, down to the lungs, for example, is the sample taken wrong. Then there is a high probability that the result is negative, ” says Karoline Bragstad.

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