bigger or much smaller than me. Then it is also sufficient if you are just slim, even though I’m usually very picky about the Exterior. In large women the physical attracts me inferiority magical, and in the case of the smaller women in my physical Superiority. Both lead me to instant erection. How is this explained? Tom

Actually, you have uncovered the explanation for your preference to yourself: remember, You have recognized that there is a difference in Size when you trigger an erotic game of Under – or Superiority. And this game is exciting.

During Sex, it goes very often to opposites, to unite in an erotic encounter: strong – weak, active – passive, slow – fast, Record – Penetration, hard – soft, and much more. Just the game with dominance and submission attracts a lot of people, especially since the Yes must show not only in any extreme SM scenarios.

Why are you standing exactly on this topic, probably cannot be conclusively resolved. Possible that there is a specific event in your past that started it all. Why you but just this experience and not another, would remain open.

Enjoy these fantasies. You can use the perfect engine for your sexuality. To connect attempt as a game, your fantasies with the body. So you don’t depend only in your head, but when Fanta to your body also desire to authenticate themselves using full. This includes, for example, movements of the pelvis are, but basically, every fine muscle promotes the game and the Move and Enjoy your whole body the pleasure.

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