A symbolic cup final’, a behind-closed-doors, in June, according to virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst still be able to do. The publieksmatch for perfect people. What are your thoughts of the team on Club Brugge, and Antwerp is really made of?

the Club Brugge

“of Course, we want to be in a cup final with the public, will kick Birger Vandendriessche, from The Blues to F. C. Bruges is a door to the inside. “Without the fans, it is about race, no one is pleasant, and certainly not in the city center. We have already seen that such a match has no value, and that is the lack of voice support has also had an effect on the game, you can have it.”

in the match or continue? De baets: “I think it’s a glorified practice will be. As for the people, than it is to play them, it might be better not to.”

The cup final, it is for the supporters to be one of the highlights of the year. For Club Brugge, they had been in the course of effort. “There was a great tifo, which have a lot of money. Financially, it’s tough, but we always have a plan B. We can have the material or reuse it.” Scarves, the original date of the cup final (22 now) back in the garbage can in the.

the Gaffer

The team at the Antwerp seem to have a little more hope as to cherish a cup final with the crowd. “We’re hoping that, for example, at the end of June, it will be possible,” says François Nooytens of the second tier of belgian football Supporters Federation. “It would be a great end to the season.”

now, What if that was a vain hope to find? Nooytens, “Well, they should be in the final, but the behind-closed-doors games. There needs to be clarity about the European ones. The match will allow them to continue, it would be certainty in this area.”

as To the security, long the supporters, who looked forward to a day at the city center. “I’m getting a lot of questions, but there is no answer,” says Nooytens. “We should be using-seven is full of buses to go to Brussels a lot. All of the money is to be paid. As long as it is not a definitive cancellation, can I not pay you back. Most of them are, of course, to the situation, but there is a lot of uncertainty.”