Identified seven weaknesses in the fight against coronavirus

10-day self-isolation.

a Friend sends a selfie and the caption “today it is impossible for Prague to walk around with an open mouth and nose.” And how at us? And we have – this is the first problem.

On the streets of Novosibirsk – vanity. There is a real hunt for medical masks. Often, unsuccessful. By the way, the most popular question addressed to inhabitants of area on the phone “112” (emergency operative services): “Where can I buy a mask?”.

Photo: Vladimir Smirnov/TASS because of the coronavirus prices for medical masks raised ten times

make sure that about it write in social networks. “Called there, according to the pharmacies. Nowhere is there”. “The girl on the hotline don’t know where to get the mask,” “In pharmacies say that masks is not due to lack of raw materials at the manufacturing plants. And it’s kind of a complicated production?”. “Bought cheesecloth. I will be sewing,” he found a way friend. In fact, many have already gone down this path. The fact that the world health organization (who) recommended the use of masks only for people with symptoms of SARS, does not stop anyone. Remedies first of all I want to see the pretty children’s faces. “That’s better. Hands less to face to touch,” explained rush your mom treteklashki.

meanwhile, the head of the region No. 44-p dated March 16, 2020 “On combating the introduction and spread of novel coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV) in the territory of the Novosibirsk region” States that the region needs to be taken in support of minimum level of personal protective equipment (masks). I want to believe that it will start to act immediately.

Photo: EPA-EFE/ANGELO CARCONI Tourists will return the money for runaway tours the fault of the coronavirus

In the same document there is a phrase which is repeated twice: “to recommend to the citizens who have returned from areas where cases of novel coronavirus infection…”. But did not find, which countries are talking. Here and confusion, and the problem number two. In the same paper by the mayor of such countries 11. And we? “I came back from Vietnam. And I’m from Thailand. The employer insists to sit in isolation. At his own expense. Why?” – been blowing up my phone.

the third Problem I can’t solve all these ten days. Make another attempt – call the hotline of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation: 8-800-200-0-200.

Explain that sitting at home, having made the decision about isolation, but I’m concerned about how to hospital. Redirect to the hot line of Rospotrebnadzora: 8-800-550-99-03. The phone is stubbornly silent.

Then call the phone numbers listed on the website of the office of Rospotrebnadzor in Novosibirsk region: 8-800-350-5060 and 8 (383) 220-42-85. In the beeps. The hot lines have breaks at work? Why, then, do not specify the working time?

Photo: Tatiana Andreeva/WG Where to get reliable information about the coronavirus

Found that running the Federal website “stopmanager.of the Russian Federation”. Is a phone 8-800-2000-112. My question about the hospital puts the employee of the service to a standstill. She leaves and returns with konkretym answer. “Citizens returning from travel in poor countries coronavirus without symptoms (signs of SARS, influenza) should call your clinic,” he informed me. I said: “to Call an ambulance?” No. “Most go to the clinic?” No. You need to call the clinic, and there already solve the issue with the hospital. The circle is closed.

the Fourth problem. It haunts me from the first day of return from holiday. At the airport no one checked. Maybe because we are transit passengers? It would be necessary to pay attention to.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS Moscow Authorities have denied reports about the closure of the city quarantined

the airport is connected and the fifth problem. About it I told a colleague from another region. Last weekend he met his wife, who arrived from Germany. “The staff of the CPS in the plane were checked with a thermal imager temperature of passengers, he said. – None of the “anomalies” is not found. Then all past passport control, obliged to sign papers on the need to pass a 14-day quarantine. Wife, and other passengers, filled out the paperwork. And we went home.” And if car? I would go by taxi, Aeroexpress train, metro… Strange how it turns out the quarantine. It would be good to think about it. How to minimize contact with other people who have returned from dangerous countries.

And more. The sixth problem. Back one family member out of this trip, sitting in isolation, and all the rest go to work or school. Is it right? Of course not. But no one monitors it. And hospital, by the way, not in a hurry. My colleague – the man fromresponsible. Isolated themselves. The doctor waited a day. Came – was advised to go to the health center.

In Primorye do not plan to close schools due to coronavirus

the Seventh issue – the children. They were sent on vacation to make less communicate with each other, and they are in supermarkets, public places. Parents at work, they are not there to follow. And finally, not a problem, and so the information for consideration.

French perfume brand Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain transferred some of its production lines to produce disinfectants for hands. They will be free to convey antiseptic to the French authorities. My all-seeing friend reported that sanitizer rapidly disappearing from the shops. And where did our producers?

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