Hans-Ueli Lehmann has been handed over to the EHC Kloten of multiple equal owners. As the President of Rolf Tresch acts in the future. The native of URI, directs the MRI Engineering AG, in Zug. The company acts as General contractor and as a planning office for project and construction management in the fields of telecommunications, construction, Road building, and art on buildings.

Rolf Tresch: The Sport has given me a lot. I was in the last ten years, President of FC Aegeri. The club plays in the 2. League inter-regional. I was looking for a new challenge. There were several options. When I saw Kloten concept was clear for me: I want to support.

I like the fact that the club is broadly based and the young are integrated. In addition, the fan culture fascinates me. It is amazing how the Fans keep the club in the Swiss League, the bar, the Team to the front of the whips. This is something I’ve seen rarely.

The whole family is hockeyaffin, even if never has anyone played. We followed the Spengler Cup, the EVZ, Ambri. My wife comes from Fribourg. I’ve spent the past three years, a Sponsor in Kloten, have a Loge.

There are clubs that practice this model is excellent. I have the feeling, with a broad-based ownership of the risk is low, to leave a pile of broken glass. Hans-Ueli Lehmann introduced the club to a financially healthy legs. But it could have been different. And suddenly, one of today must be in the morning for a Million or even two million francs.

we do not Want to be in the National League cannon fodder, we would have to put for sure a masterpiece.

I don’t want to look so far forward. For the next season, everything is regulated. I want to get to know people, show myself and do not know of a possible ascension.

I can be very determined. In my company I have 180 employees under me. Because you have to make decisions. Maybe it is wrong. But this is still better than to not make any decisions. No way I want to be in the Public. Head of sports Cages Hollenstein and CEO Pascal Signer are responsible for Sport. If need be, I am. But I don’t want to be the first point of contact.

Depending on the Situation. I can stay quiet for long. But when you see certain things, it may already be, that it is said sometimes emotional what is in the cabin.

I’m URI, in Altdorf grew up. We can be emotional (laughs). Also, as President, you are allowed to have emotions. You should not live it out only in the Public. Of course. But behind closed doors you can say a loud word.

We want to run the EHC Kloten in the long term and not after a year of leaving again. There is no time horizon. We want to lead the club into calmer waters. Even if, ultimately, everything is connected to the sports and falls.