At these prices, you drink your Cocktail rather warm! Ten francs for five kilograms of ice cubes? Frozen water, ready in the bag, not more. Ten francs, so deeply must the consumer of the Swiss tank in the bag to grab. Clear, it usually pays in the tank stores a little more. But such prices for some customers are already exorbitant.

Spicy: Which gas station you move – be it those of the Coop Mineraloel AG, Socar, or BP, in most cases, the Five-Kilo-bag of proud ten francs. In the case of Migrol and Migrolino (both Migros) and the Want of Agrola, there are 9.90 Swiss francs.

In the normal Coop the costs of doing business the dice 9.80 Swiss francs. Migros sells a imported from Germany 2-pound bag for 3.90 francs.

All have the same supplier

Not only the price of the petrol station operators together. You also have the same supplier for the cube ice. You see, on the one hand, to the freezers in front of the entrances to the Shops, on the other hand, Migrol, BP, and co. confirm that the suppliers to the Ice Factory Switzerland. A total of over 2800 stations stores in Switzerland the company supplies.

the boss of the Ice Factory is Beat Hofer (48). He referred to himself as a ice cube-a pioneer, began over 20 years ago – as one of the First in Europe with this business. Business, he doesn’t call numbers. However, with the frozen water Hofer at the site in Uetendorf, BE in Thun BE good money. There is no rooster to be water, but come from mountain springs in the Bernese Oberland, he assured.

Ice Factory takes the position of

of Course, Hofer now has competition. At the Züri-Fäscht about the company Ice King supplied the stands with cube and Crushed ice. On the Internet web shops from companies such as Eisexpress and Icedealer, offering home delivery of ice cubes to be found. On the Internet there’s the Five-pound bag of between seven and nine francs. The Party Box (Styrofoam) filled with four-five pounds of Crushed ice for 40 to 50 francs.

But the tank Hofer is in his Ice Factory virtually sole ruler over the cube ice. How to live it himself so as a “tank-Monopolist” for cube ice, want a VIEW of Hofer know. This says that he could dictate the fuel prices. And that of market games. “A monopoly can be no question,” says Hofer.

Weko has ice cubes market is not studied

the competitors Have colluded? No, say it in unison. A BP spokesman: “BP is involved in any price fixing. This would not only be a violation of our own Compliance policies, but also a violation of the law,” said BP spokesman Peter Kretzschmar to VIEW.

For the price supervisor are the same prices voting “is not necessarily the result of a consultation,” says Deputy Beat Niederhauser on request. “We certainly see no possibilities for intervention in this area.”

Here are the competition Commission (Comco) knows best know. “We have bags, have no knowledge of price fixing in Ice-cubes,” says Vice-Director Andrea Graber. Haven’t investigated this yet.

the prices of the competition

– oriented Possible explanation factors for the prices mentioned are costs, for example, the same reference, similar cost structures, any non-binding price recommendations of the supplier, high consumer willingness to pay, or simply be because of ice cube bags homogeneous and easily comparable products. The Shops could also reflect the prices of the competition, so Graber. This is not prohibited.

The VIEWS of the respondents petrol station operators see no reason to shake your ice cubes prices. Ice Factory boss Hofer also not. Most of his prices are for 13 years of the same. “Where is it already today?”

ice cubes from the gas station? No, yourself fix, and is just a lot cheaper. The fastest way to do it – no joke! – not with cold water. But if you take water that is 40 to 50 degrees. to get

To make warm beer cold quickly, you only need salt, water, ice and a bucket. You mix it all and put the beer. By the salt, the water cools faster. The temperature of the mixture drops to a few degrees, and after a few minutes the bottles are refreshingly cold. The salt ensures that the ice melts. For this, energy is required. This is extracted from the beer, and thereby cools it.

The glass of white wine as an aperitif, it cools the best with the grape. Yes, you read that right. The grapes you put in the freezer and then puts them into the wine glass. The grapes, keeping the wine chilled as ice. Only the precious drops will not be watered down in order.