Recently in mass media there was information that Irina Saltykova seriously ill, she may have cancer.

Stanislav Sadalsky, a longtime friend of the singer, have denied these rumors and wished all the gossip spreading misinformation, to get themselves assigned Saltykova disease.

“damn those freaks who invent diseases to our stars.For 35 years, I and my artists have attributed such illnesses that already a few times was to die. Thank God, we never get sick and live a healthy lifestyle. But some journalists are trying to be promoted on imaginary diseases our stars.
I would have them for that heads torn off. So Irina Saltykov – is the healthiest and most cheerful girl – star project “Disco “Union”, whom I have known for 34 years. Ira, don’t pay attention to these fools. Full bloom and be healthy, and the enemies themselves will die”, – Sadalsky wrote in microblogging.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, a seriously ill ex-soloist of “Tender may” Alexander Priko were infected with coronavirus. About this informed the producer of the group Andrey Razin in his Instagram account.

Publish from Andrei Razin "Tender May" (@razin_andrei_lm) 8 Aug 2020 at 2:45 am PDT