Together with his son Leo and his wife Natalie, Daniel leads a happy life. But that changes: he is diagnosed with blood cancer. The world of the small family is shaken. Despite finding a suitable donor, Daniel loses the fight against the malignant disease. His family is now reporting on his last wish.

The life of Daniel and his wife Natalie was almost perfect in May 2021. The two had recently had their first child and their own wedding was only a few days behind them. Happily in love, the couple planned the next steps. In their mind games there was even room for building their first home.

But within a few days, her life changed abruptly. The shared dreams were suddenly irrelevant. Because in June 2021 Daniel was diagnosed with mast cell leukemia, blood cancer, in the hospital. The Mannheim native had previously complained of persistent back pain.

“I will fight and beat cancer because my son and wife need me. I want to see my son Leo grow up,” Daniel told the German Bone Marrow Donation (DKMS) at the time.

However, his own life now depended on the help of a stranger. And indeed, there was suddenly reason for hope after the doctors had found a suitable donor.

A happy ending seemed within reach for the young family. But unfortunately things turned out differently. A few days ago, the DKMS explained on its website that Daniel had not made it despite the transplant: “Unfortunately, we received the sad news that Daniel passed away last night. We spoke to him just a few days ago.”

As the DKMS reports, it was Daniel’s last wish to share his story and in this way to motivate as many people as possible to register with the DKMS.

His family is now turning to the public with his last request. “I have one last wish and I need you all for that: Register with the DKMS to help other affected people.” This was Daniel’s biggest concern until the end, they say.

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