With a tweet about the cold Bundestag, Renate Künast stirs up spirits. More than three thousand users comment on the Green politician’s post – the sympathy for the member of the Bundestag is limited.

All public buildings are currently heated to 19 degrees – to save energy. Reason enough for Renate Künast to announce via Twitter on Friday that she is freezing. “Sit with a coat and a 3rd cup of hot water – also to warm your hands – in the office. I doubt that (sic!) 19 degrees. I’ll be coming next week with a blanket, hot water bottle and hat,” she wrote.

Within hours, thousands of users commented on the post. And had more ridicule than pity for the plight of the Greens. “Next week, wear an FFP2 mask all day long, then you know what you’ve done to the students over many months,” someone commented.

One user, who appears to be a headmistress, tweeted: “I’m laughing softly and can barely resist feeling sorry… We at the schools are doing this for the third winter now. And who cares? Not politics.”

But not only educators spoke out. “Dear Ms. Künast, at home I’m still only heating the bathroom at the moment. Because I’m scared of the cost. Unfortunately, I have no sympathy for you at the moment,” wrote one user. “I’m in tears – after all, you have the means to heat your apartment, many old people, sick people and households with small children don’t have the means, not least because of “green” politics,” posted another Twitter user.

A total of over 3,500 comments were collected under Künast’s post by Saturday afternoon.