I know Ill be fired WWE employee claims hes being FORCED to work during Covid 19 pandemic

WWE has come in for more criticism for its handling of talent during the Covid-19 outbreak after an alleged employee claimed he was being forced to work on filming shows.

A statement by a man claiming to be a WWE employee and going by the pseudonym ‘John’ was aired during an Orange County Board of County Commissioners meeting in Florida.

‘John’ claimed he is being forced to work TV tapings during the coronavirus pandemic and could be fired should he raise his concerns to company bosses.

“My employer World Wrestling Entertainment, aka WWE, is forcing me to work TV tapings for weekly shows despite stay-at-home orders for coronavirus,” said a statement read out to the county’s Mayor, Jerry L. Demings, on Tuesday. 

At Tuesday’s Orange County Board of County Commissioners meeting, a #WWE employee named “John” submitted public comment they’re being “forced to work” TV tapings despite stay at home orders. Says he’s unable to speak out and feels he will be fired if he approaches his higher-ups. pic.twitter.com/UJTvX1RGc7

“I am unable to speak out as I need this job, and I know I will be fired if I approach my higher-ups. Despite precautions, we cannot maintain social distancing and have to touch other people.

“I request the government to shut down these tapings and enforce the stay at own order so my colleagues and I may force social distancing rules without fear of losing our jobs.”

Those claims have, however, been rejected elsewhere. 

WWE had initially been classed as a ‘non-essential’ business in Orange County, but that was changed following an Executive Order made by the state’s governor, Ron DeSantis.

In fact, it was the decision to make WWE an essential business that raised eyebrows last week after the wife of owner Vince McMahon, Linda, promised to spend $18 million through her pro-Trump SuperPac in the state of Florida.

Today’s news is just another notch on what may have been the week from hell for the WWE. The company was already under fire for its handling of the Covid-19 outbreak when it released 38 employees in one day.

Things were then made worse following the release of Vice’s “Dark Side of the Ring” documentary that heavily implied Vince McMahon’s involvement in helping cover up the 1983 murder of Jimmy Snuka’s then-girlfriend, Nancy Argentino.