With a raspy voice and bed-hair style to world fame: Rod Stewart (74) is one of the biggest Stars of our time. He has sold more than 150 million albums, eight children sired, the cancer overcome. During the Interview with Sunday vision, he is fighting a slight flu. He is annoyed about a finger nail that is not manicured perfectly. The wizard must get a file. “I feel since the days of misery,” explains Stewart and coughs. Then he sits in a soft chair, takes a SIP of water and asks: “dude, what do you want to know?”

Rod Stewart: I have for twenty years with a Personal Trainer. Three times a week he missed me the full program: endurance training, Swimming, rowing … all of it! Only football, I don’t play so often. My knees are bruised a bit.

Oh, Yes, Celtic Glasgow forever! My house in Los Angeles, is a single Shrine for the club.

The wizard returns with a nail file. “Not now,” whispers Rod Stewart. The wizard’s rabbiting into the next room. The singer coughs again. “All advise me to stay in bed,” he says. “But the patience is missing.”

no, I never could do that! So I go back on tour. To be on the road, to give people pleasure – that’s my Job, my life! I hope that I still have a couple years for the privilege.

The man looks at me! Music means everything to me, even today. I had no idea what I should do with the time. The whole day in front of the TV squat? No, thank you! But certainly, at my age, an end of course in sight. As the saying goes: life is like a roll of toilet paper. The last sheet is going down faster than one would like.

Oh, Yes. Anyone who claims the contrary is a liar. I love life and everything so I am great still a long way away from the grave.

no, not even about what comes after. My ashes flushed down the sink, which is nice and clean and fast (laughs).

The list is endless, buddy. I can call myself “Sir”. I would have liked, my parents would not have been allowed to witness this honor.

Exactly. The accolade I received from Prince William. An unforgettable Moment! I mean, I come from nothing, really nothing. My family was dirt poor. For 50 years now, I see only happy faces around me. I was able to do what I loved, and it was still rich. I’m a lucky son of a bitch.

a Lot of. But without Talent all the luck in the world.

no. The business is different today than it was then, as I have, David Bowie, Elton John and the Rolling Stones started. None of us wanted to be rich or famous, we wanted to sing, Girls towing and have Fun. Nevertheless, we were huge. This is unimaginable today. Everything has become so fast paced, the people are impatient. Clearly, I, too, my battles had to fight, but have always paid off. I doubt that my life today would run again so smooth.

you are my Pride and joy! The elderly have not found in the world, you just live from Papa’s wallet. The impressed me. For parents it is a big challenge, not to spoil the children too much, because it corrupts you just.

Yes. We eat together, everyone has to put away his cell phone. I find it intolerable when all the only on these little devices rigid. Conversation, an unfortunately dying art form, is very important to me. Six of my eight children are no longer living at home, they are scattered all over the world. Next week we will be celebrating a big Reunion in our house in Florida. I can’t wait!

Since he was President, no longer makes it so much joy when he is near. The whole streets are cordoned off. I need to drive a huge detour to get to me in Starbucks a Cup of coffee.

As a type, he is very sociable. To me he is always nice. My mates were allowed to play with him even Golf. About Trumps policy, I do not like to talk.

people are not Clear, in General, Yes friendly nature. “Hello, Mr. Stewart, what can we do for you today?”, you say. Or tapping me lovingly on the shoulders. The hype today is not so overwhelming as in the 60s and 70s.

I experienced a super time! But that’s why I don’t like to think constantly about the old days. Brings also nothing. I’ve always been a guy that lives mainly in the present. Certain developments stink to me.

This Obsession, you need to constantly be politically so damn correct. In the 70s you could give a woman loving a Pat, today, you would be stoned for this gesture. I don’t want to sounds like an old Macho. Equality – in every case! Good manners – Yes for sure! But why must all freak out is always the same, when a man a woman a compliment?

What do you regret?
That I’ve been disappointed in my past a couple of women. I have to leave quickly, because I shied away from the confrontation. The old Rod was always a Gentleman. I’m responsible for a few broken hearts, I’ve hurt some people who were dear to me. I’m sorry for that.

The Drama that is happening in the cyclone-ravaged Mozambique. Children with hare lips, their parents died of Cholera. My God, I could have stayed there for the world to come! Life is unfair, I think to myself often.

a: to stay healthy. All other dreams have been fulfilled. So, now I need my medicine. I have A slightly sore throat.

Rod Stewart arrived in London in 1945 to the world. He wanted to be a footballer, but then decided for the music. With Ronnie Wood (71), who later joined the Rolling Stones, he played with the Faces. At the end of the 60s, he recorded his first solo album. “Maggie May” in 1971, his first Hit, it’s Sailing” (1975), “Baby Jane” (1983), “Downtown Train” (1989), and many more followed “. In the ‘ 90s, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had to learn after the therapy, the Singing. Stewart is married in third marriage with Ex-Model Penny Lancaster (48).