Cycling, As the Tour will not be driven by fear, I had to have a major impact on the sponsorship of cycle racing. “A lot of sponsors to invest in the world of cycling than the Tour de france.” a voice said during a Facebook live on the Very.

“For the Polish and American investors, it means a win or a break in the Tour of Flanders, or any other klassiekes can’t use it. The guided Tour is that the publicity is priceless.” According to Gilbert,who, like his team mates with a portion of their wages to drop, it is economically very turbulent times. “I know what I’m talking about. Also, The Bike Shop my bike shop often has a very difficult time. It is a small company with two employees. At this point, the account is at zero, while we could still make it. Perhaps I could get into the money, cramming. If in six months time, we will surely go bankrupt.”

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Gilbert sketched out at the moment-the situation in France. “One hour a day I have to go to the outside, while inside a scope of up to a maximum of one kilometer from my home. I will do my best to help the children with their school work, but other than that, I have very little on our hands.” Vrijdagtrainde he was less than forty minutes. “My motivation is lit up on the back burner. Without a calendar, it’s not easy, and it makes little sense to mileage run.”