There is an alternative version of the death of Metropolitan Philip, which is not connected with Malyuta Skuratov, Russian President Vladimir Putin recalled. In this regard, he recommended that the leadership of the Tver region receive the blessing of Patriarch Kirill for the construction of a church at the possible site of the bishop’s murder.

On August 30, at a meeting with the head of state, the governor of the Tver Region, Igor Rudenya, told about plans to recreate the Otroch monastery, demolished in the 1930s. On the territory of the monastery there was a church in which the oprichnik Malyuta Skuratov strangled Metropolitan Philip in 1569. Then Putin noticed that this is only one of the versions of the death of the cleric. Moderator of the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum Sergey Brilev asked the head of state what other versions there are.

Putin questioned the version of the murder of Metropolitan Philip by Malyuta Skuratov in 1569

& quot; The second version is simple, that he did not kill him and did not drive there, and if he did, he drove past. As for the construction of the church, and even on such an occasion, I think that it is absolutely necessary to receive the blessing of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, ” Putin replied.

Metropolitan Philip was placed on the metropolitan throne in 1566, but after he condemned the arbitrariness of the oprichniks of Ivan the Terrible in November 1568, he was deposed and imprisoned in the Otroch monastery, where he was killed in 1569. He was canonized in 1652.