Olena Zelenska, wife of the Ukrainian President, commented on Facebook about the rocket attack on an office center in Vinnytsia. Among other things, a little girl died in the attack, with whom Selenska says she once shot a Christmas video.

At least 20 people died in the attack on the office center in Vinnytsia. One of the victims is Lisa, a little girl. During the night, Olena Selenska, the wife of the Ukrainian President, commented on the girl’s death. On Facebook, she made it public that she knew the girl because she had once recorded a Christmas video with her.

“We met this wonderful girl while we were recording a video for the Christmas holidays. A bright, sincere, happy child who grew up in love,” reads Selenska’s post.

And further: “Little Lisa was killed by a Russian missile today. I won’t write all the words I want to say to those who killed her.”

According to the First Lady of Ukraine, Lisa painted them during the recording, as did the cameramen and the director of the clip. Selenska also shared the corresponding video. Previously, recordings had become known showing Lisa and her mother shortly before the rocket hit.

“I cry with her loved ones,” Selenska concludes her post. According to Ukrainian media, Lisa’s mother survived the attack with serious injuries.

Again and again, civilians die as a result of Russian attacks in Ukraine. Its president has therefore reiterated his call for those responsible to be brought before a war crimes tribunal. The OSCE meanwhile sees indications of Russian war crimes. That happened in the night.

For the past few days, Ukraine has been celebrating increasing successes against the Russian army with US weapons. On the one hand, this is due to the weapons themselves – but it is also related to an empty promise. A former prime minister of Russia is now facing consequences.

According to the think tank Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air, the EU is still the main recipient of Russian oil exports. Accordingly, the EU receives 51 percent, China 25 percent and India four percent of Russian oil. Still, since the war of aggression in Ukraine began, Russia would export fewer fossil fuels than before.