The dispute between Daniela Katzenberger’s mother Iris Klein (55) and husband Peter (63) goes into the next round. She accuses him of having an affair, he denies it. Now she goes even further and explains that the relationship between her husband and jungle camp companion Yvonne has existed for a year. But from the front.

Peter accompanied Lucas Cordalis (55) to Australia and is said to have hooked up with Yvonne Woelke (41), who accompanied jungle queen Djamila Rowe (55) in the hotel. Both vehemently denied all allegations. But now comes the big surprise! Iris Klein spoke up herself. According to her, the affair did not even begin while the campers were in the Australian bush, but much earlier.

Iris Klein spoke to the “Bild” newspaper about the situation and said: “I am disappointed in my husband that he lied to me every day and was with this woman over and over again. He also said he doesn’t know her!” She alludes to a photo that is available to “Bild” and shows Peter, Lucas and Yvonne together with Janina Youssefian. We remember: Youssefian took part in the jungle camp last year and Lucas was supposed to move in back then, but then fell out due to the corona. At this meeting, Yvonne and Peter are said to have already exchanged their cell phone numbers. Youssefian also confirmed this to “Bild”. But Iris Klein tells more about her husband’s infidelity and how she found out about it. “Peter has been secretly writing in the toilet for a year. I never knew with whom! He would always flinch and quickly put the phone down when I walked into the room.”

For Daniela Katzenberger’s mother, there is no question that the woman with whom Peter Klein is texting must be Yvonne, because she had also seen Yvonne during video calls: “I’ve done FaceTime with him more often in the last few days and She was there every time.” The consequence is also very clear to Iris Klein: “I’ve lost my trust, caught him lying far too often.” She currently lives with daughter Jenny Frankhauser (30) in the guest room and summarizes: ” I’m feeling shitty (…) I’m thinking about how to proceed.” Her husband is said to want to talk to her. Will that work? Iris Klein sounds rather doubtful and told the “Bild”: “I caught him lying far too often. The fact is, they were like Siamese twins in Australia.” That doesn’t exactly sound like a picture book happy ending.

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