Dutchman Thijs Slegers has been press spokesman for Dutch top club PSV Eindhoven since 2015. Now Slegers announces the tragic news that he is terminally ill. His leukemia is no longer curable.

“I can’t be helped anymore,” writes the 46-year-old. “The doctors can no longer do anything for me.” In 2020, the press spokesman for the club, where Mario Götze played last season, was diagnosed with blood cancer. The Dutchman had previously survived a cerebral infarction.

The donated stem cells initially seemed to have an effect on Slegers. But last year, the foreign tissue was rejected as a result of a transplant.

Slegers still wants to try to enjoy his last days or weeks (“How long? We don’t know and it remains uncertain”). “Tips for good series and so on are welcome. We have to pass the time anyway,” writes the Dutchman.

Despite his bad experience in relation to the issue of stem cells, he himself is promoting that readers of the news should register as stem cell donors. “I can no longer be helped, but others can,” says Slegers.

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