What about it? – you will ask. – Many people fly!

But the case of the desperate kostromitsky special. From early childhood due to cerebral palsy Nadia can’t walk. All her life she moves exclusively in wheelchair. But even at a young age, Hope has decided that the diagnosis is not a reason to abandon dreams.

Once, in social networks I read a story of a young boy who wrote: “I can not Walk, but fly”. After learning that the wheelchair made a parachute jump, I also “lit up” this idea. And thanks to the help of caring people, my dream became a reality, – says Nadezhda.

During the preparation for flight instructors found that medical contraindications, strange as it may sound, Nadia has not.

– When we arrived at the base began training. There was some excitement, but fear, no! I was strapped, made a loop for the feet. When he stepped to the hatch, I closed my eyes and we fly! Feeling – awesome! The sky seemed more comfortable than on the ground! Mom on the flight told only after it has landed. It was an incredible delight! And I really want to repeat this flight, – says Nadezhda.

the Dream of the sky appeared kostromitsky many years ago. Shar school where the sixth grade after moving from the village studied Nadia, were not equipped for people with disabilities. On the porch you could go in a wheelchair, but on the border of the first floor all of the “accessible environment” ended. To overcome stairs between other floors with none of the nose impossible. The exit was one: home schooling.

– Now, when I go to the city, I see that people with disabilities became more. But when I was in school, I haven’t seen anyone in a wheelchair. A friend of mine, Sergei, a very smart guy, also a wheelchair user – was sitting at home bezvylazno, because I just couldn’t leave the house. When it where-that invite, he often refused, because he knew that an accessible environment is not and other people will have to pick it up on hand, and it felt awkward. Probably didn’t want to bother anyone, – says Nadezhda.

Every two years, Nadia had to undergo a medical examination. The doctors examined her and decided to extend her disability.

I can feel my legs, but they do not go. However, live doesn’t bother me. Hampered by the fact that officials don’t care about people with special needs. When I came to get a certificate of permanent disability, then asked the representatives of the Commission to include in the individual rehabilitation program what I need for a normal life. I am an active person. And I need active stroller, where I travelled around the city. And they answer: “Why would you? You’re an invalid, bedridden! What do you active stroller?” I tried to defend withhowling position, but the point about active wheelchair they gave me help, and did not enter, recalls kostromitsky.

Not resigned to the fate of lying, Nadia decided to study further. He entered the Moscow state humanitarian-economic University, editorial mastered the business, then entered the Moscow Institute of physical culture and sports to study adaptive therapeutic exercise.

All these years of Hope, despite disability, traveled, played sports, participated in competitions. In 2011, parapharmacie in Kostroma 24-year-old student Hope Yablokov became the winner of the race in wheelchairs in the women’s race. At a distance of 60 metres she finished first with a score 35,13 seconds.

– Sports for me, thanks to special wheelchair katarzhina in which I drive since 2007. Unfortunately, after so many years of active operation it was outdated. She already had to weld basic design that holds the back. My only means of transportation is falling apart on the go, – says the athlete.

unfortunately, the condition of roads in Shar’ya, where he lives, Hope, leaves much to be desired. When moving around the pits and potholes in wheelchair twice off the wheel, they had to change.

Once my daughter walked out of kindergarten. Go across the road and back stroller falls off! I miraculously fell into the roadway! The good daughter helped, supported me, and the random passer-by helped – recalls Nadezhda.

Now buggy, which drives kostromitsky, “got to handle”: the brakes don’t work, the wheels constantly blown away, repeatedly repaired, the structure fell into disrepair.

– Instead of helping, the carriage is bad for me. To stop it, you have to put in to the support, or to overextend the hand that this really hurts. I go and think: “my God! Even if the stroller is not collapsed today!” No training on such a rehabilitation cannot be considered. And I really want to return to the sport! But this stroller is, unfortunately, impossible – sigh Hope.

In Shar’ya, where the athlete lives, the social service has offered to replace her wheelchair the old model, but it Hopes not suitable.

– a Wheelchair that can give free, is just a piece of iron, which has nothing to do with functional stroller. It is suitable only for completely immobilized, a very old person who needs to move from one hospital ward to another. For independent movements of the person such a terrible antediluvian design is absolutely not adapted. It is two times wider than necessary, is not included in any Elevator, except trucks. When long sitting in this chair, my back aches, swollen feet: you vynujden�� are in an awkward position. Lead an active life quite impossible. But to argue with officials is useless. I say, “don’t like it, stay home” – sadly concludes the athlete.

In the market there are high quality strollers, which make the individual standards of the person. In their manufacture with precision to the millimeter is calculated everything: height, width, footrests, armrests, backrest and lots of technical highlights.

– On selected made-to-measure wheelchair can ride easily and everywhere. If you play sports, it is very important that the stroller was comfortable and easily manageable. Spun the wheel without great effort – and she’s already gone. But it is 484 thousand rubles! This stroller social services, unfortunately, do not issue – sigh kostromitsky.

Desperate to fight alone, Hope Yablokov appealed to the charity Fund “the Geography of good.” Volunteers helped her to organize the collection of money for rehabilitation. But because of the pandemic coronavirus he stood at around 70 thousand rubles.

the Wheelchair is my legs. I very long went to his dream. Wanted to play sports, participate in races and jump with a parachute. But now I can’t even just drive down the street. Please help me to get back to normal life. Without the help of good people I can’t do it – asks Hope.

want to help the Hope Yablokova can call her by phone: +7968-378-56-66 or to apply to the Fund.