The new Prime Minister of France Jean Castex called a priority preparation for the looming economic crisis. He declared it on Friday on air of TV channel LCI.

"I came not for glory, but for the result, he said. I’m aware of the magnitude of the challenges we are experiencing unprecedented sanitary crisis, and the looming economic, which we have to confront". Speaking about his political views, Castex called themselves social holliston. "in order For something to distribute, first it need to produce," he explained, adding that he intends to deliver the keynote address next week.

The Prime Minister also plans to hold talks with the unions to "bring them to work on a new social contract". "All cannot be addressed from Paris, I believe in our regions", – said Castex.

In addition, he said that President Emmanuel macron instructed him as soon as possible to form a Cabinet.

"it will be maintained gender parity," added Castex, responding to a question.

On Friday, the macron was appointed Deputy head of presidential administration of Jean Castex Prime Minister and instructed him to form a government. At the head of the Cabinet Castex was replaced by Edouard Philippe, who had earlier submitted his resignation after three years of tenure.