Hyundai revealed the concept of the future of electric cars

the Korean firm again turned to the genre of concept cars to hint at the development potential of the private electric line. If you believe Hyundai electric cars in the future will be futuristic design, but will lose the government.

a New concept ambitious Koreans called Prophecy – “the Prophecy”. It is argued that it is built on the newest platform that is designed for electric vehicles, and involved in his appearance elements of the design will be used on production machines. Obviously, this refers to “lick” the body with sophisticated aerodynamics, the elegant silhouettes of the so-called “pixel” optics.

Extensive wheelbase and minimal overhangs allowed to organize large (but strictly quadruple) salon, “air” which adds to the lack of rudder pedals. Instead of the driver – a pair of futuristic joysticks with buttons, more like a handle located on the door panel and the massive Central console. To manage with their help the movement of Prophecy will not work, as the concept stated completely unmanned. Human involvement is reduced to the selection of settings of operation of the interior.

specifically mentioned, for example, the Relax mode, in which the chair fully recline – it allows passengers to either take a NAP or focus on an impressive display, covering the entire lower part of the windshield.

According to some reports, Hyundai Prophecy alludes to the appearance in the model lineup of the brand fast, long range and comfortable electric vehicle, however, no technical characteristics of the concept its developers have not sounded.

Text: Avtovesti