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– It is terrible times and we do not know from day to day what happens. It is painful, simply, ” says Lars Kjetil Skeie, hovudtillitsvald by Hydro Aluminium Høyanger.

With a easier said than done to drag over his face, looking fagforeiningsleiaren inward toward the plant, where 160 colleagues make aluminum.

Since the question industripioneren Sigurd Kloumann, started in 1915, it has been aluminiumsproduksjon in Høyanger. But because the plant primarily supplies the european automotive industry it is now uncertain how long production can continue.

– Fryktar you shut-down of the facility?

Not now immediately, but what happens further ahead, there is no one who will ever know. It is a bizarre situation to be in, ” says Skeie.

easier said than done: Hovudtillitsvalt Lars Kjetil Skeie at Norsk Hydro’s plant in Høyanger look at the shutdown of the plant as a skrekkscenario. – Korona-the pandemic means that we are in a bizarre situation, ” he says.

Photo: Bård Siem / NRK

In addition to Høyanger, Norsk Hydro has large aluminiumsanlegg also in Årdal, Sunndal, Karmøy and Husnes. The facilities have together over 2000 employees.

Skeie tell that one not only can to turn off the slider on a aluminiumsanlegg and easily start up again when it fits.

– A shutdown and startup will cost several hundred million just for the plant in Høyanger.

– It is huge amounts. Why cost it so much?

– We deal not with the usual melting of the metal. It is an advanced electrochemical process that takes much time and is very expensive to shut down, ” he says.

Skeie characterize the shutdown of the plant as a skrekkscenario.

– If the first should be closed, it will be a reknestykke if it will be helpful to start up again. So serious is it, he says.

Have shut down plants abroad

Koronasituasjonen do that bilsalet plunging rounded in the world. A large part of the aluminiumsproduksjonen by Norsk Hydro, runs just to the automotive assembly.

We are so clearly easier said than done, what consequences this can have if the situation continues over longer periods of time, says cio of Norsk Hydro, Halvor Molland.

SERIOUS SITUATION: in Order to adapt to a market in strong change, Norsk Hydro has shut down two aluminiumsanlegg in Luxembourg and France, ” explains cio Halvor Molland.

Photo: Johan B. Sættem

until now, the production by the five Norwegian facilities have gone as normal, but with a mart in a state of constant change is the future uncertain for them over two thousand permanent staff.

– We see now that the changes that will come in Europe influence us, ” says Molland.

in Order to adapt to the market, Norsk Hydro has shut down two of the resirkuleringsanlegga in Luxembourg and France.

– Disaster

– It will be a disaster if the work shuts down, says Høyanger-appointed interim mayor Petter Sortland.

Ap-mayor t. søviknes stands outside the town hall in the centre of the Høyanger and looking upwards towards the aluminiumsverket which is only a stone’s throw away.

– It is hjørnesteinsverksemda our fully and completely, ” he says.

Sortland fryktar major consequences if the plant is shut down.

this is, For us to be, or not be.

He hopes that the government now come with good enough grants that can help combined through a period of large marknadssvingingar.

MEANS EVERYTHING: appointed interim mayor in Høyanger, Petter Sortland (Ap) opinion of Norsk Hydro’s aluminium smelter means everything for the village. – Closures will be a disaster, he says.

Photo: Bård Siem / NRK – the Last way out

So far have not Hydro had the need to lay off employees at the Norwegian facilities, and it is increasingly seen on new measures to be able to keep the production in time.

To shut down a Norwegian plant that produces råaluminium and aluminiumsprodukt is the last way out. Before we vurderar we will first look at many other measures, ” says Molland.

It is between anna looked at whether it is possible to produce other aluminiumsprodukt.

Require leniency of karantenereglane

Managing director, in the employer’s organisation the Norwegian Industries Stein Lier Hansen, is very worried for the Norwegian combined and anna Norwegian industry.

Norsk Hydro has been dependent on the european automotive industry needs aluminum. We hope they manage to find alternative markets and thus avoid shut down, ” he says.

ASK for HELP: The Norwegian heavy industry sector in need of necessary help from the government to cover the fixed costs, says managing director in the employer’s organisation the Norwegian Industries Stein Lier Hansen.

Photo: Anne Lognvik / NRK

Lier Hansen think it is important to prevent local karantenereglar do that healthy industriarbeidarar not come to work.

– the Shutdown of the plant is very serious and can lead to the fact that the Norwegian heavy industry sector lose competitiveness. It can be difficult to come back again in the markets, ” says Lier Hansen.

He refers to that konkurrerande developed countries as for instance Germany using vast amounts on to help his industry.

– Therefore it is vital that we manage to keep our industry in time so that we not lose competitiveness when the situation a second time, and normalizes itself. The government must, if necessary, and cover the industry of their fixed expenses, he says.

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