Helps now, but the Hybrid Toyota Prius and not the Stromer Tesla Model S the alternative drives to the verge of a breakthrough? In the last month, 13.5 percent of all cars sold had no conventional combustion engines (petrol/Diesel). The largest share of this hybrid technology has 9.8 percent. Thus, every tenth in August, had almost new cars sold on the combination of electric and internal combustion engine.

the main reason for this increase is not expected to be different from the so-called Mild Hybrids, even if the importer Association Auto-Schweiz, the different Hybrid variants (full, mild and Plug-in) in its sale statistics. You know that in 1896-selling Hybrid cars in August, 1.2 percent Plug-in Hybrid vehicles. Consequently, the most sold Hybrid vehicles Mild are likely to be Hybrids.

What is a Mild Hybrid?

These models, however, can Drive purely electrically and have no electric motor. Instead, a starter generator supports the engine when Starting and when sailing. Here, the engine switches off when you then roll for several seconds. The energy for the onboard systems comes from a small battery, which is charged with braking energy. This reduces emissions, fuel consumption and CO2.

the core of the electrification strategy

When manufacturers such as Volvo, Honda, or DS to announce that they offer from 2025 (in the case of Volvo, even now), only electrified models, my you especially Mild-Hybrid! Mercedes and Audi already offer in many of the models only hybridized drives. So it’s no real Surprise that Hybrid sales figures to grow significantly. “This is obviously a factor,” admits car-Switzerland spokesman Christoph Wolnik. “Because of the sharp CO2-targets from next year, no way around it but. Hybrid is the new Standard.”

But the Hybrid will not be increased-to Pay so artificially? “By no means. This is a matter of type approval,” says Wolnik. If a car has been homologated as a “gasoline/electric” or “Diesel/electric” Homo, it is considered Hybrid. “Then it appears as a Hybrid in the statistics, regardless of whether it is a Full-, Mild -, or Plug-in Hybrid.”

Stealthy Hybrid-forced

So we are likely to continue in the future, soon, all Hybrid. Because the manufacturers introduce the Mild-Hybrid in the next few years is expected to be nationwide in all the model series. All the same, Because in contrast to the Full Hybrid Diesel cars as a Mild Hybrid to be offered, has stabilized the Diesel demand, according to Wolnik.

the calm before The storm?

in addition to the good Hybrid sale the sale month of August was rather disappointing. The new car sales decreased compared to the previous year, to 9.5 percent. This is not only a lack of working day in explain. Car Switzerland speaks of the “rest on the market”. It could well be that many customers wait for the autumn or next year, announced electric cars. But also other important models such as the Opel Corsa or VW Golf will start this fall, new.

Therefore, the importer Association remains confident to reach the goal of 300’000 new cars sold until the end of the year. “In the last year, the second half of the year was of delivery difficulties because of the introduction of the new test cycle WLTP marked. These problems fall away this year.” The introduction of the new emission standard Euro 6d-Temp by 1. September, with the now on the road to the test cycle should make the manufacturers according to Wolnik hardly any problems.